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The following video prevents valuable information about what is really happening in relation to global warming.

The evidence is irrefutable. The increased CO2 levels resulting from human pollution does not correlate with temperature. Period. 

So, the real questions are:

Why are we being told so comprehensively that it does?

Whose interests are served by these lies? 

There is a very old pattern of blaming people, or more accurately, having people blame themselves – for just being alive!!! One such pattern is the teaching brought forth by the Catholic Church that we are born in sin. 

Hang on, you might say, I’m not a Catholic. Well, apart from the fact that most versions of Christianity have this story in some form, it is easy to forget that the Catholic Church dominated Western culture for the best part of 2,000 years. We are completely unaware, for the most part, of the extent to which its dogma has inculcated our culture. We just don’t notice it. 

Are you highly self-critical?

Almost without exception, when I ask people, I find that they are. We just don’t discuss it with others, for the most part. 

How come? 

Being born in sin triggers guilt and shame for people, even if you don’t recognise it in your daily living – and most if not all major religions have a mechanism to trigger this in us.

What better way to control people than to have them shut themselves down in guilt and shame and self-criticism. Most human behaviour is built on this starting platform that is fed to us, directly and indirectly, from birth. 

This understanding is something I unfold in detail for people with whom I do healing work. The reason I discuss this briefly here is to make you aware that we are pre-conditioned to buy this lie about global warming being our fault. We are to blame for just being alive. 

Again I ask, whose interests are served by these lies? 

When you begin to answer this question, you begin to understand the most powerful agendas on this planet – agendas that define almost everything we take to be true. 

Kind Regards,


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