Will ISIS be blamed for another 9/11?

I did not mention this in my recent ISIS post; however, there have been several indicators that perhaps there is a follow up 9/11 false flag event planned for 9/11/2014 (this is the US date format). Perhaps the most powerful example is this story, which shares a pre-release video from FOX News, subsequently deleted. We have seen these occurrences before other false flag events, including the pre-announcement of the WTC7 collapse on BBC News about 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. Just coincidence, of course. We’ll know soon enough if we’ll have an ISIS-blamed event. It would be a good trigger for intensifying war further, removing further freedoms and sweeping away the protests against the monitoring of the NSA and its partners, and perhaps an even more draconian follow up to the Patriot Act, which rocketed through the American legislative approval process after the original 9/11.

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