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Graham Hancock has made it a key focus of his life to demonstrate that an advanced civilisation was present on Earth before the end of the last Ice Age, disappearing some 13,000 years ago. It’s almost hard to believe that his wildly successful book “Fingerprints of the Gods” came out 20 years ago. As he says, the mistake he made, as far as mainstream archaeology was concerned, was that the book was so successful, and Graham learned how blinkered and destructive mainstream scientists can be. But he persisted, developing the skills to dive successfully to significant depths, so he could examine as far as possible the evidence beneath the sea, all over the planet, since the sea level is now some 450 ft higher than it was back then. And guess where people lived? On the coast like they mostly do today. This became his book “Underworld”.

And now, Graham is bringing forth his latest work on this in “Magicians of the Gods”. And he has given us an extraordinary insight into the amazing ground he covers in this presentation. Apart from Graham’s eloquence and humility, he displays the depth and thoroughness of his research and the extraordinary grasp he has of his subject.

I commend this video to you.

Although Graham says he is not a conspiracy theorist, to me, the evidence of how efforts to examine the key evidence supporting the existence of this advanced civilisation gets blocked almost at every turn is abundant and is no accident. His presentation gives many examples. For me, there is a picture of who and what humanity is that has been carefully crafted and held in place at every possible turn, and the existence of advanced human civilisation in our distant past trashes that picture. It is just as threatening as acknowledging extra-terrestrial beings and their undeniable visitations to our planet, or that our ancestors were telling those who followed them about the precession of the equinoxes. Today, almost no-one knows about this message, yet we live in a key moment of that message – perhaps the moment that message pointed to. I happen to think so.

So, thank you, Graham, for your efforts in face of the odds to marshal the threads of this extraordinary picture and for sharing it with us. I, for one, have pre-ordered my copy of “Magicians of the Gods”. It is time this truth was nailed home.

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