Is The 2016 MacBook Pro Fast Enough for Video Editing?

This subject will not concern many of you, but it does me and maybe more of you than I realise.

The new Apple MacBook Pro has been getting some negative press for its perceived performance, battery life, etc.

I use Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro training as, in my opinion, Larry is a master teacher.

So, when Larry said he’d reviewed the new MBP for video editing, I went looking. Here’s his review; conducted with the kind of thoroughness and attention to detail I’ve come to expect from Larry.

And the MBP cruises through whatever Larry threw at it, some of it out on the edge:

I created this article to answer the question: “Is the MacBook Pro fast enough for video editing?”

In almost all situations the answer is: Yes. In every example in my test, editing did not tax the system; though non-real-time tasks were much more challenging.

End of quote.

Apple still needs to address the battery life controversy and perhaps the latest OS update has done so, but that’s no issue for me because, like Larry, I almost always use mine plugged in.

And, personally, I love it. It’s swept away the niggles I had with my older system, some of which arise from my unusual workload profile.


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