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There are growing signs that something big is about to happen in our world.

Both Germany and Czechoslovakia have told their people to stock up on supplies.

Also, I received the following in a personal email over the weekend:

I just received a message from a gal whose brother in law’s father is a CPA for some huge corporations, the word is the elite are scrambling, storing food etc. He phoned her out of the blue, and told her to have everything ready, food, water, ammo, gold especially silver BEFORE the election as in ASAP.

This is referring to the US.

I have mentioned previously that this is a Jubilee year, with the Shemitah date for this year being October 2nd.

Then this video came across my desk today, reminding me that the elite’s catchphrase is “order out of chaos” and for a new global order, they will want to induce global chaos, probably on several fronts concurrently – economically (crashing markets), socially (war, a breakdown in the supply chain, perhaps terrorist attacks on nuclear installations (as Fukushima was, which I’ll revisit shortly)), politically (assassination of a US Presidential candidate, perhaps? – or what looks to the public to be so), the collapse of the US dollar, etc.

So many of these are on a knife edge right now, they are all highly feasible.

I am drawn to share with you parts of a channelled message that came into my possession in the last week. Many of you will dismiss such a source, but I do not dismiss such messages out of hand:

It is with some trepidation that I give you this message as you are truly approaching the crescendo in the efforts of the dark to dominate humanity. You are, no doubt, seeing the expanding numbers of terrorist attacks in Europe and in the United States in particular, but in truth globally, but this is a minor play in the scheme of things. Behind this, there is a growing level of sabre rattling as those who control the United States gear it and its allies up for a potential war with Russia but, more importantly, if you look under the covers, the financial and economic circumstances in your world are far direr than the public perception would indicate. It is a time when many of the threads that have been nucleated by the dark over long periods of time, some spanning centuries, are coming together.

Some of you will be aware that this is what is known in Jewish traditions as a Jubilee year, which occurs every 50 years, and some of you will understand that the beginning of October is a watershed moment in that year.

The elite are quietly girding their loins for this challenging and difficult time that is about to emerge, and we encourage all of you to do likewise…

…It is a time of great change in your world, and many people will struggle with the scale of change and destruction on so many levels that is about to be initiated; however, there are also forces at work that are opposed to these processes and, ultimately, will be shown to be far more powerful than they. This is the unfolding that humanity, in a sense, has been waiting for as the dark make their final push, only to find themselves failing.

And so, it is entirely appropriate to refer to that well-known Chinese proverb about living in interesting times.

End of quote.

I cannot say for certain any of this happening. But as I’ve said in the past, I recommend that you prepare.


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