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Movies have long been used to plant new ideas and themes, new community values, foretell of planned change, false flag events and many other things. Indeed, given Hollywood was created and continues to be run by the Zionists and their minions, this should be no surprise, but most people are completely ignorant of this. I and others often refer to the memes introduced in “Minority Report”, for example – pre-crime, continual surveillance of everyone, personalised advertising appearing as we move through a retail space, to name a few.

And so, I find this detailed analysis of the recently released “Kingsman: The Secret Service” to be of interest:

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a modern take on classic spy movies that feature slick Englishmen saving the world. Like most spy movies, Kingsman tells a convoluted story that’s taking place on an international level, complete with high-stakes politics and high-tech gadgets. Contrary to James Bond flicks, however, Kingsman takes a more youthful, “urban” approach in order to reach that critical crowd. The main protagonist, named Eggsy, is indeed a young, pub-dwelling Londoner from a rough neighborhood, a tough character with whom younger generations can identify, the exact crowd the occult elite is looking to shape, mold and influence. And, behind all of this gadget-ridden, tailored-suits-with-skinny-ties crap, the movie slickly communicates a flurry of messages to its viewership, effectively outlining the elite’s philosophy, its modus operandi and its long-term Agenda. Of course, everything is sugar-coated in a sexy spy package with a lot of violence to make all of these things easily digestible for viewers.

From start to finish, Kingsman jumps from one propaganda message to another, culminating in nothing less than a massive “cleansing” of the world population, a gigantic genocide that would kill everybody except a few chosen elite. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that this is the occult elite’s favorite story to tell the masses.

Right from the start, the movie gets into war propaganda territory as we see two Arabs getting killed by a helicopter.

End of quote.

I recommend this article to you as it shares several threads of the elite’s current agenda for us and our world.

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