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Labour peer Lord Janner will face prosecution for child sex offences, Britain’s most senior prosecutor Alison Saunders revealed this morning.

The ruling comes just months after Ms Saunders, the Director for Public Prosecutions, announced that the 86-year-old was too ill to stand trial – even though there was ‘sufficient evidence to prosecute’.

However, following widespread outrage at the decision, an independent review has now recommended that the original ruling be overturned.

Ms Saunders is now facing a fight to stay in her job, with victims groups and MPs calling for her to resign.

End of quote.

Perhaps those who protect these paedo-satanic practices  decided Janner’s protection was too high a price to pay. There are simply far too many stories out there of his practices being covered up by police. However, it is doubtful this thread will get pulled to unravel the entire tapestry of this abuse. The lines will have already been drawn before this action was announced.

I continue to come across people who, in other areas, are alert to and even focussed upon revealing the game behind the game, yet are unwilling to contemplate this global control system, for which the evidence is abundant, along with the endless cover-ups that keep it protected. Britain is where it has been most on show, but it is global, of which I have shared evidence in these posts.

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