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The economic recovery has stalled, and in some cases, reversed. The $600 unemployment benefits that Americans received following the virus pandemic that crashed the economy in March-April expired on July 31, which means a fiscal cliff has been underway for 44 days (as of Sept. 14).

Millions of people are still out of work, their emergency savings wiped out, and insurmountable debts are increasing. As former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warned in August, Congress’ inability to pass another round of stimulus checks could weigh on the economic recovery. 

Readers may recall about a quarter of all personal income is derived from the government – so when a lapse in stimulus checks extends for well over one month – that could lead to new consumer stress. 

In Richmond, Virginia, about 125 miles south of Washington, D.C., a food bank has been shelling out more than one million meals per month as the metro area battles deep economic scarring sustained by the virus-induced recession.  

Kim Hill, the Chesterfield Food Bank CEO, told ABC 8News, “a lot of Chesterfield residents are showing up to get food would be an understatement — they’ve been averaging over a million meals a month.” 

“You roll down that window, and you see the tears in that person’s eyes who never thought they would need the help of a food bank,” Hill said. “It breaks your heart.”

She said the volume of people her food bank is feeding is more than triple the levels versus last year. With increased demand, Hill said more volunteers are needed to handle the greater volumes. 

End of quote.

But it’s all about the virus…

In a year it will be much worse. In two, even more so. And in 5 years, if they get to run it that long? It is likely to get worse than the 1930s. The US GDP fell by one third in the last reported quarter. Unheard of. I hear the elite have retreated to their underground bunkers. All of this is their plan, just as they planned the Great Depression. And the two world wars of the 20th century…

Have you noticed the record fires in California (for three years, now), in the Amazon (for at least 2 years), Siberia (at least 2 years) and Australia last spring/summer? A coincidence? They don’t exist. All planned. Here is clear confirmation of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) sending a directed beam to one of the current California fires, just as we saw with the destruction of Paradise, CA, two or so years ago. The planet is cooling, not warming as the MSM would have you believe.

Their “game” will be ended this time. But at what cost in human life and suffering, I cannot say. Please be aware – remember if you can – that the temporal that we take to be so real is just a façade, a playground of the soul, if you will. But we still have a responsibility within it.


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