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Initially, most people will look at the Keshe Magrav plasma power units as a source of electricity for their home. But as Mehran Keshe explains in this video, the plasma is the essence of creation and can be used to generate all of the food, water, medicine, etc. that a family needs.

Do you begin to get a sense of what is going to happen to our world with this technology?

Most of the mechanisms used by our global controllers to harvest humanity – fossil fuels, energy, food, water, medicine – will be swept away.

Sound far-fetched? Yes, because we have been taught to view what exists as simply what is in the temporal domain and because of the power of our beliefs about this, what Keshe is bringing to the world cannot currently be grasped by most people.

He also explains how the price will come down from 800EUR to 100EUR with time and will no longer need to be connected into the wiring loom of your house.

He also explains how the Keshe Foundation plans to place pallets of these units in public places all over the world for people to simply come and take one for their own use.

And this technology supersedes all current military technology. So, the game will change here, also, and the powers that be know it.

It can also be used to clear pollution – intentional or otherwise – from our biosphere, including the radioactivity of Fukushima, which has already been demonstrated to and by TEPCO.

We are two days to launch and 60 days from seeing 1M of these units released into the world. Let’s see how long the MSM can keep the lid on this…

The control of humanity through the materiality of the temporal domain will soon be at an end and, gradually, more and more people will begin to reflect on what it means to be human.

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