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For me, this article provides a very powerful insight into how we, the public, are continuously manipulated by the mainstream media:

What you’re about to read here is a revealing look at the psychological mechanism presently being used by government and media to achieve near-absolute control over the population. I’m calling the concept the “crisis of the NOW,” and understanding this is a lot like taking the RED pill.
The “crisis of the now” involves an incessant, strategic bombardment of the population with a never-ending stream of contrived crises that demand immediate attention in the present. This psychological bombardment is waged primarily via the mainstream media which assaults the viewer by the hour with images of violence, war, emotions and conflict. Because the human nervous system is hard wired to focus on immediate threats accompanied by depictions of violence, mainstream media viewers have their attention and mental resources funneled into the never-ending “crisis of the NOW” from which they can never have the mental breathing room to apply logic, reason or historical context.
To protect the propaganda from scrutiny, no person is ever allowed the luxury of reflection. Logic and reason are condemned. Critical thinking is derided. Historical context is obliterated by the repeated intrusion of the now, and whatever happened just a few short years or months ago is actively rejected (or memory holed) if it does not reinforce whatever present-day delusion is being pushed as “fact.”
Similarly, the future is entirely off limits and never allowed to be explored in the mainstream media because doing so would require reason and forward thinking… two things which are never tolerated because they would reveal the inevitable failures of today’s insane policies, such as running the country on debt and hoping it will somehow not matter down the road.

Mentally corralled like cattle

With the past erased from the minds of the masses, and the future off limits, the crisis of the now become the only psychological reality in which the public is allowed to operate. To remember the past gets you labeled a “relic,” and to project current events into the future makes you a “conspiracy theorist.” Only the crisis of the now is allowed to be entertained: riots in the streets, the aftermath of a staged school shooting, a contrived social shaming of a pizza joint in Indiana, or even an overhyped measles crisis that just happened to take place at America’s epicenter of illusions and theater: Disneyland.
The media demands that you focus on the NOW but forget the past. No historical context is allowed to be recognized (or even taught to Americans) because it might interfere with the crisis of the now. For example, in any discussion of vaccines, you are never allowed to remember that the entire medical establishment was once dominated by “Big Tobacco science,” and that even the Journal of the American Medical Association used to run full-page ads touting the amazing health benefits of smoking cigarettes…

End of quote.

I commend this article to you.

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