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Netanyahu’s premeditated state terror against defenseless Palestinians continues. Multiple Israeli provocations began things. Palestinians responded in self-defense as expected and justified. Israel calls it terrorism.

The latest incident involved murdering six Gazan youths on Friday, wounding 60 others, 10 in serious condition.

Scores of Palestinians protested Israeli West Bank violence by throwing stones across the heavily guarded barbed wire fencing, separating Gaza from Israel.

Israeli soldiers responded with live fire, committing cold-blooded murder. Clashes continued Friday throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported 1,640 Palestinians injured so far – 101 from live fire, hundreds more from rubber-coated steel bullets, many from toxic tear gas inhalation. Another 31 bystanders were brutally beaten by soldiers.

Separately, Israeli border police murdered a Palestinian youth. Hours earlier, soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian woman. Israel claimed it foiled an attempted stabbing incident. Video footage showed she threatened no one.

End of quote.

This will continue, in one form or another, until the Palestinians are either dead or move.

Some Israelis refer to the regular attacks on the Palestinians as “mowing the lawn”.

But no action will be taken, just as no action will be taken regarding their double standards regarding their well-known extensive cache of nuclear weapons and their nonsense stance against Iran, who has no such plans. Why would they? They have Keshe’s technology, which they deployed some years ago, which makes all current weapons technology obsolete in one Earth-shattering step.

Israel is the creation and the play toy of the Rothschilds as foretold by the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The Rothschilds are feted in Israel and have buildings and streets named after them – and why wouldn’t they be?

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