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You are doing great work, Molly. In my opinion, your blog has gone up a couple of notches. It’s wonderful to watch.

Here’s this post in full:

Nice share from Stillness in the Storm”. It just goes to show that when we put the information out there, in whatever form we work with, we can raise awareness—or even better.

It will be interesting to see how the Baltimore Police handle this. Or not. 

Eventually, the cesspool that spans the globe will get cleaned up, but let’s make it sooner rather than later. 

Conversations around this criminal activity need to take place. Let’s see that they do.  ~ BP

Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond

(Matt Agorist) Baltimore police have found themselves in an awkward position as of late after a horrifying documentary from Netflix exposed a dark underground child sex ring involving the church, politicians, and cops. The series, titled, The Keepers, has forced the Baltimore police to set up an online submission form as people began to come forward after watching it.

While the series is on Netflix for the world’s entertainment, the harsh truth is that it really happened. After the church attempted to keep it quiet by paying off the victims under the table, the documentary has exposed these monsters to the world.

The seven-part documentary series, which premiered on Friday, also covers the unsolved murder of one of the teachers, Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik. On Tuesday, enough former victims had seen the documentary that they began calling the Baltimore police department to report their abuse.

Baltimore Police have since made an online submission form available for those who would want to report any instances of sexual abuse related to the series.

“We have been contacted by victims from the past who want to report the sex offenses that occurred to them. The murder investigation related to this Netflix series was handled by the Baltimore County Police Department,” the website reads.

End of quote.

I have nothing to add.


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