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This 2 minute video is a powerful illustration of the farcical nature of the public display of Government and the application of law, or lack thereof, when it comes to the likes of James Clapper and his lying to the Senate. Clapper outright lied to a Senate hearing about NSA tracking Americans and no action has been taken against him for his lying. I quote from the video page:

Despite a Senate hearing featuring Director of National Intelligence James Clapper having officially ended, Capitol police arrested and forcefully removed lawyer and activist Shahid Buttar for asking questions of the high-ranking official. Inquiring as to why Clapper lied to Congress about the NSA’s mass surveillance practices and how he has not been prosecuted for ‘perjuring himself,’ Buttar was ignored by Sen. John McCain and others as they filed out of the chamber.

They are all just actors on the public stage, and they are becoming so arrogant, there is not even an ATTEMPT to seek to demonstrate they are in any way subject to the law.

This was also demonstrated by the prosecution of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou for revealing CIA torture, yet not one person involved with the torture has even been charged over it, let alone convicted. This excellent interview with Kiriakou by Abby Martin is worth watching. John compares the actions over unauthorised torture during the Vietnam War with what is (not) happening now. Very, very different.

To me, it illustrates that those who run the game behind the scenes believe they are on the verge of reaching their goal and they can begin to let the façade of human rights fall away.

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