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You may have noted the death of the 25yo Peaches Geldof, the cause of death marked as unknown – a very quick conclusion. Young, vital, vivacious 25yo’s are not prone to sudden death from unknown causes.

What has begun to emerge is her exposure of the names of the mothers of young daughters who “gave” their young daughters to Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins for his sexual predation – rape in any other language. This looks at more of Ian’s connections.

She has also become a disenchanted former devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO, which appears to be a satanic cult.

Neither of these two choices are likely to have been good for her health.

What interests me is, here we have another thread emerging in our time that is pointing to this dark, satanic, child-abusing and child-sacrificing underbelly that lurks behind so much of the public picture we are presented. But it will take more than a couple of threads to reveal this. A section of the video of Credo Mutwa I recently shared, starting here, provides a comprehensive background to what this hidden story is about. Be warned, it is likely to stretch your sense of credibility, yet Credo’s sculptures and paintings are powerful pointers to the truth of all of this. Again, whilst we remain ignorant of all of this, we are puppets in their hands and the hands of those who do their bidding.

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