Where’s the missing background to Gobekli Tepe?

Thank you, Graham. As you have said before, Gobekli Tepe is the real game changer (I provide the link simply for information, not in support of any veracity of Wikipedia).

 Archaeology wants to have us all in caves 12,000 years ago, and you, Graham, have had to fight this nonsense every step of the way, as the mainstream has sought to discredit you. Gobekli Tepe cannot and will not be denied – and perhaps that is its ultimate purpose and message. It took great precision and knowledge, not to mention the ability to work with massive stone blocks to create this. It emerges from the sands of the desert and the sands of time, carrying undeniable information and an
undeniable age.

 Ride that steed for all it’s worth.

 Kind Regards,


From: Graham Hancock
Sent: Sunday, 8 September 2013 15:44

I have spent the past three days exploring the mysterious 12,000 year-old megalithic site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. This site with its massive, perfectly-crafted and carved megaliths can only be the work of a culture that was already ancient and deeply experienced with large-scale architectural projects 12,000 years ago, yet prior to Gobekli Tepe itself archaeology recognises no such culture. The background, the evolution, the trial and error, the learning processes that must lie behind Gobekli Tepe are all… missing. So where is that missing background? What will it reveal about the lost past of humanity? Is it simply a matter of an unprecedented, unexplained and completely unpredicted level of social organisation amongst upper palaeolithic “hunter-gatherers”, as archaeologists are now scrambling to claim, or could we be looking at a project of the survivors of a lost civilisation brought to ruin in the global chaos that surrounded the end of the last Ice Age?  I will be spending a great part of my time in the coming year seeking answers to these questions, but, whatever the result, it is already completely clear that Gobekli Tepe is a game changer. The Pandora’s box of prehistory has been opened and the past will never look quite the same again.



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