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This RT video shows interviews with so-called Jihadists who have followed the call to come to Syria and save their oppressed brothers. 

Firstly, it illustrates how this is not really a fight for freedom by oppressed Syrians, but driven by a very different agenda, which I think most aware people already know. 

Secondly, what these poor souls do not understand is that this so-called freedom agenda and the willingness to be human bombs in some cases, is organised and driven by the same elitist group that drives this overall globalist agenda. It has a simple theme: divide and conquer, and it so well demonstrated in this video, along with how widely this web is spread to gather the resources required for any particular project, whether it be Libya, Syria or wherever else. And in case you still think the so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings are about Arab peoples reclaiming their freedom, think again… You need look no further than Libya to see what this is really about. Look at the impact this has had on people’s daily lives there. 

JFK realised that the CIA was not really working in the interests of the American people, that its agenda was in fact one of implementing that global agenda, and you can see it from its very beginning, when it engineered Project Paperclip to bring not only German rocket scientists but also those who had been experimenting with torture and mind control to the United States, and also began implementing projects such as Operation Gladio. It’s difficult to know exactly which initiative of JFK saw him assassinated, but his move to shut down the CIA would have been enough by itself. 

And so it goes… 

In my view, we will not really change any of this without a fundamental shift in consciousness on our beautiful but tired planet. 

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