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This brief video from Ben Swann says the DEA has reclassified CBD oil as a Schedule 1 drug,  joining marijuana itself. This categorisation says it has no medical use nor value and is highly addictive. Ben goes on to demonstrate the sheer lunacy – on the surface – of this categorisation, given the wide use of CBD oil to treat many conditions. Ben goes a lot further than this in demonstrating the sheer (apparent) lunacy and deceit in the decision.

So, the real question to be considered is why are either of these – CBD oil and marijuana itself – categorised and demonised in this manner?

In my opinion, there are two reasons, and there may be others:

  1. If you look back to the beginning of the 20th century, you find CBD oil in an endless array of over the counter medications.

Now, in about 1920 we had JD Rockefeller setting up the allopathic medical system to flog pharmaceuticals, including the elite level training schools such as Johns Hopkins, etc. All part of the game. And it’s been wildly successful. Almost no-one considers not going to their GP when they’re unwell, who then prescribes one pharmaceutical or another and, like all good scams, those inside it have no idea how it came to be. Try asking a medical professional how their industry came to be set up. In my experience, they never have a clue and look at you like you’re an idiot when you explain it. But beliefs are powerful things… Similarly, when someone has cancer, rarely will they consider an alternative to the official chemo and radiation treatments, when the evidence says those treated with chemo are usually dead within 2-3 years and very few survive beyond 7 years, yet CBD is a demonstrably effective cure, as is GcMAF. You may like to watch this 2 minute video showing how the addition of GcMAF to a culture containing breast cancer cells and macrophages (white blood cells) causes the macrophages to consume the breast cancer cells. I had a fascinating conversation earlier this week with a customer who runs a practice using CBD oil and diet to successfully treat cancer patients and his results have begun to get the attention of some allopathic doctors who actually want to cure their patients. But don’t worry. The system will bring them into line. The allopathic medical system has a history of dealing mercilessly with these skirmishes of truth and healing. They threaten the business.

  1. Although this may not have been in play in the beginning, I suggest it certainly is now, and that is the evidence that smoking pot breaks down mind control programming. This is illustrated by Cathy O’Brien in her book Trance: Formation of America, in which she explains that in the dug filled and sexually abusive world she experienced as a Presidential level mind controlled sex slave in the days of GWH Bush and Dick Cheney, whilst many other drugs were freely available, marijuana was forbidden. And today, when mind control is practised on all of us through television, movies, etc., the last thing the elite want is some natural agent that unwinds their hard work being legally and readily available. Simply not going to happen.

And so, when you understand these things, the action of the DEA and no doubt their equivalents across the globe is not only understandable but to be expected.


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