Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro (part 2) – A glimpse into the global surveillance system of the 80s and beyond

James Corbett is at it again. Corbett stands as a beacon in the world of independent investigative journalism, and he’s been doing it for over a decade.

And just when you think he’s set the reference point, he lifts the bar.

This follow up to his report on the murder of Danny Casolaro in 1991 covers a lot of ground. It all seems so long ago…

And yet, the secrets that Casolaro was beginning to expose leave you gasping. And then you extrapolate it forward to today.

I have mentioned the Promis software before, the extraordinary software developed to monitor – well, everything – and which was stolen by the DOJ, modified and on-sold to global intelligence agencies and then modified further by the Israelis and on-sold throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, and my previous article covered its likely use during 9/11 as discussed by Rebekah Roth. She also talked of “The Octopus”, and that name has popped up again in Corbett’s work.

And even if you’ve been around this murky world before, Corbett’s latest will leave you feeling – well – closely monitored and a little uncomfortable, at the very least, about how our world works.

Worth your time, in my opinion.


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