Strong evidence the Paris Attack a Ridiculous False Flag!

There has been quite a deal written suggesting that the Paris shooting was not real, beginning with the lack of blood from the police officer shot and also one of the shooters supposedly dropping his ID at the scene, just like was supposedly done at 9/11. But I could not ignore this summary from Gordon Duff, which states that it was not even filmed in Paris!!!

Gordon Duff of absolutely destroys the official fairy tale of the Paris Attack. It wasn’t even filmed in Paris! It was either done in a studio or in another city and they proved that with their knowledge of Paris streets and by walking every street within 1 mile of the address. There is no street like that in Paris! They were firing blanks! Real AK-47’s don’t sound like that and take baseball sized chunks out of concrete. “Dead” cop was seen later very much alive. Gordon said it’s the most ridiculous false flag he’s ever seen!

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