Ted Gunderson Chronicles

Ted Gunderson was a long term investigator for the FBI. Subsequently he became exposed to the dark underbelly of the United States in particular, including Satanism, mind control, paedophilia, child sacrifice and mainstream (notably CIA) involvement in the illicit drugs business, reaching all the way to the White House. He understood how this reached back to the Illuminati and their creation under the direction of the Rothschilds. A quick search on YouTube will reveal many of Ted’s presentations as he sought to expose this activity, unsurprisingly with virtually no cooperation nor acknowledgement of the issues by the FBI and others. This video is representative of what he reported. This interview is also of interest and shares some background to the two Kennedy assassinations.

As is the way for such people, Ted did not survive this campaign, his life ending on July 31, 2011, it appears as a result of arsenic poisoning.

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