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Make of this what you will. There are many sources conveying this information. We will soon know…

I will say, this is not something I had been expecting, but what do I know? There is a game in play in this time that’s bigger than any of us, and the change began in earnest at the recent December solstice.

Translated from French Magazine;

In 1776 Georges Washington first ruled in New York. Then, the capital moved for a decade to Philadelphia, before settling permanently in Washington in 1790. This last choice was a compromise between the Founding Fathers of the United States. Alexander Hamilton wanted a capital in the north of the Union while Thomas Jefferson, from the south, feared the powerful economic and financial influences of the region.

It was decided that the capital would not have state status by becoming the “District of Columbia” and would have no voting rights and no representation in Congress. Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the Constitution of the United States states that “Congress will have the power … to exercise the exclusive right of law, in all matters, in such a district (of an area not exceeding 10 miles squared) who, by transfer of particular states and upon acceptance by Congress, will have become the seat of government of the United States. ”. This implies that States cannot transfer power to another State.

Unfortunately, this wise precaution of the founders was insufficient. In 1871, the United States was ruined by the Civil War (1861-1865). They were forced to borrow huge sums from American banks which were actually only branches of London banks, in particular the Rothschild bank.

These banks were happy to grant the United States all the loans they would like on a condition that would give these banks a right of control over the Union. This condition guaranteeing them the repayment with interest of the loans granted.

The United States had to move from nation to public limited company status in the District of Columbia. For this the elected Americans betrayed in 1871 America by modifying its constitution: “The constitution for the United States of America” becoming “The constitution of the United States of America”.

This simple change of word removed the control of the country by its citizens by transferring it to the commercial entity “United States of America”, controlled by London banks, that is to say controlled by the British crown. and by the Rothschild bank family. In addition, it gave full powers to the secret societies linked to these financial families.

The scale and the sword

On April 27, 1961, President Kennedy delivered a speech on these “secret societies” (extract) : “The very word of secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, intrinsically and historically, opposed to secret societies, secret oaths and secret procedures.”.

The day President Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, he said “I know their program and it is not mine”. He warned that he was there to complete the liberation of humanity undertaken by Kennedy half a century earlier. First, he worked to bring America back to the original intention of its Founders.

Justice is coming

The reaction of elected officials of Congress and the Senate, as well as almost all of the American and world media, was the censorship of social media and the defamation of the president and the sovereign people who had freely elected him. They said that President Trump’s patriots and voters were dangerous and should be placed in re-education camps. They said they should be fired from their jobs, denied or withdrawn university degrees, censored and even imprisoned for supporting President Trump.

The silent war that President Kennedy spoke of is underway and Trump is in charge of it.
The events in Washington are a visible sign of this, even if it is only a tiny fraction of the military and judicial operations underway in America and around the world.

When the eagles attack
On Sunday January 24, soldiers painted a group portrait at the Capitol on Pentagon orders (they were delighted with this order !). They had previously secured outside the Capitol while US military Marshals were making arrests, for high treason, of congressional elected officials inside the building.

What does the presence of the army mean at the Capitol? Is it a coincidence?

We know that the military is constitutionally strictly prohibited from entering the perimeter of the Capitol unless expressly ordered by the President of the United States or the Chief of the Defense Staff if there is vacancy of the presidency.

What can we deduce from it?

You should know that since January 19, 2021 at midnight, the presidential decree signed by President Donald Trump on July 4, 2020 has taken effect. This decree stipulates that the commercial entity United States of America ceases to exist on January 19, 2021 at midnight. This decree is legal because for any creation or deletion of a commercial or financial entity acting for the benefit or to the detriment of the States of the Union, the president can create or dissolve these financial or commercial entities without referring to Congress or the Senate.

Since the United States of America was no longer a political entity but a financial entity, President Trump was entitled to dissolve this entity without going through a vote in Congress. /

President Donald Trump therefore turned against them this betrayal of elected Illuminati of 1871.

Since, legally and constitutionally, there is no longer a President of the United States, or an entity called the United States of America, the Constitution and American laws require that the United States military take control of the State until the election of a new president and new assemblies (Congress and Senate).

The last election having been fraudulent, the army is also obliged by the Constitution to assume the arrest and the judgment of the elected officials who committed this fraud in order to establish legally the proof of the true number of votes that each obtained candidates. Under article 11 paragraph 3 (11.3) of the military code, the military has a duty to dismantle the false government and restore a new legal government (Q # 26: when 11.3 has been confirmed as the 1st marker).

Biden himself started this constitutional process by committing a coup by taking his totally illegal oath. If the army did not intervene, it would be guilty of high treason. Once this legal process has been accomplished by military magistrates as required by the Constitution, the winner and the two legitimately elected assemblies with the winner will take power and govern America (the States of the Union).

Trump’s triumph

At the dawn of the first day. Only then will these two assemblies freely and democratically choose the new political and constitutional form that the States of America will take. They will also most likely validate the new capital of the States of America, the States Of America or SOA

Hope for a United Nation again

By an Executive Order of President Trump, signed on July 4, 2020, the new Capital of ‘States Of America’ has been the city of Houston in the state of Texas since January 20, 2021 at zero dark zero CST (0 am Central Standard Time).

End of quote.


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