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Entitled “Soros and The Gang“, this article by Katherine Frisk exposes a lot of detail of the Khazarian plan for total global domination and the destruction of those not of their race:

The end goal is the subjugation of Russia, the control of central Asia, and the occupation of the Silk Road that over millennia has been a major trade route from the east to the west. The Khazar bankers also control Japan, from where they funded and supported the wars against both China and Russia in the last century. Which in turn takes us back to the beginning — or one of the beginnings, anyway.

In the 8th century, Georgia and parts of central Asia were occupied by the Khazar Kingdom. The Khazars were not known for their good neighbourliness. They had two particularly distasteful habits. Abducting women and children from the countries surrounding them and using them as slaves, and adopting the identities of others.

They would attack travelers along the Silk Road, kill them, and then carry on the journey as a new person other than themselves. Hence the term Khazar face. Two faced, and two identities. One presented to the world, the other well hidden.

The Byzantine Empire, the Persians (today Iran) and the Russians fought against them. Russia threw these Khazars out of southern Russia, as did the Persians and the Byzantines. Eventually all three kingdoms gave the Khazars an ultimatum. They were to convert to either Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Which for a Khazar posed no challenge at all, they had been adopting different identities for years, this only added to the palette of the Khazar face…

…The Babylonian Talmud overturns many of the teachings in the Torah, two examples being the slavery of non-Jews seen as Goyim or cattle and the second being the sanction of usury monetary system. Something Jesus condemned when he overturned the tables in the temple and which is condemned in Deuteronomy.

I very much suspect that the “Jews” who returned to Jerusalem were not Jews, but Sumerians who hid their true identity from Cyrus the Great, pretending to be who they were not, a covert group of people who adopted another nationality, religion and country and were instrumental in manipulating and altering Biblical texts and adding texts that supported a “King of the Jews, “and Judaic supremacy” over all 12 tribes.

The celebration of Purim, rejected by the Essenes and the Samaritans is one example. The Babylonian Talmud in turn is another form of textual manipulation, which often contradicts the earlier and ignored Palestinian Talmud commentary on the Torah. Usury was inherent in Babylon and this “money farming” became a central theme.

The Khazars adopted this form of Judaism, obliterated any remaining history of the ten tribes and declared them to be lost forever. Working towards a Judaic, Jewish sole dominance of Israel with the Babylonian Talmud as the only authority and later advocating the concept of Zionism.

End of quote.

Frisk has done some important work and I commend her article to you.

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