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The world came to a standstill with the death of Princess Diana in Paris on August 31st, 1997. She was such a beautiful, charismatic, loving and romantic figure.

Rapidly it was called an accident and a great effort was made to move the world on. The efforts to ban landmines died with her.

It took some years for an inquest to be held into her death – an inquest held in the Royal Court and conducted by the supporters of the royal family. It was almost as blatant as Allen Dulles heading the Warren Commission, a man JFK had sacked as the head of the CIA. Life moved on – but there were those watching. Keith Allen, with funding from Mohamed Al Fayed, documented the inquest and looked further at the evidence. The result is the 2011 documentary “Unlawful Killing”. After its appearance at the Cannes Film Festival that year, it largely disappeared without trace. It was posted on YouTube and removed. To me this reeks of a serious attempt to suppress it.

With some effort I tracked down a copy and you can download it from here. This documentary does a great job of exposing the undeniable evidence of a cover-up, both in Britain and France, as well as revealing the actual verdict of the Inquest jury – Unlawful Killing – a verdict you would not find in the media at the time.

As time has passed, more evidence of a cover-up has emerged. For example, this article, this blog post and this one.

So how deep is this rabbit hole? I suspect it is very deep. Indeed there is strong evidence that Diana’s death was a ritualistic killing for deeply satanic purposes. One of the items on this page is this video, which I encourage you to watch if you want to begin to grasp just how deep this rabbit hole is.

Again we have another thread that is allowing us to begin to unravel the dark, dark game behind the game – a game which none of us wish to believe exists, but in fact is the game that controls our world. It’s time for its exposure.

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