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This video provides a very good discussion of the trends in place in the US economy and why we are witnessing the end of the so-called “American Empire” (choke…):

LIBOR is being phased out and the bankers are bringing in another system, the manipulation will not end. Brussels says that the UK cannot make a trade deal with the US. SEC says that the crypto currency ICO falls under securities laws. Home ownership is at the level of the 60’s and more millennials are renting. Core durable goods rise by a small amount. Investment legend is warning that we are approaching a 1987 time period. The Fed is now using the excuse that if the debt ceiling doesn’t go well they will not unwind their balance sheet. The economy is crashing and the way of life is going to change and many people are not prepared for it.

End of quote.

The evidence of what Dave speaks of here is everywhere; however, few understand that the US has really been the piggy bank of the elite satanic Khazarian Jews since they deceived the US Federal Reserve into place in 1913. Paul Warburg of the German Jewish Warburg banking family came to the US at the beginning of the 20th century for this explicit purpose. And he succeeded. It was an essential cornerstone for funding WWI in 1914 and the Russian Revolution in 1917, and on we go. And Americans are raised on this nonsense myth about the greatness of America, when its role as the global slush fund and the elite’s military battering ram to pursue the elite’s global agenda always had a use by date. If it doesn’t happen sooner, the unfolding of the new global currency they have planned for 2018 will certainly ensure it.

Worth listening to Dave on this report and his view on where this is all heading.


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