TPP deal reached: 12 countries strike Pacific Rim trade accord

Trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region have reached a deal on the Pacific trade pact that is intended to cut trade barriers and establish common standards for 12 countries, This is the largest trade pact in 20 years and has been a long-term goal of the Obama administration.

End of quote.

The term free trade or cutting trade barriers is one of those NWO, satanic terms, just like the democracy the US destroys countries under. Free trade is packaged as being good for the public, but it’s been the tool to destroy the manufacturing and hence employment base of Western countries, along with the core farming of many of them. Under this agreement, companies will have more power than the countries they do business in, and almost no-one knows the content of the agreement.

And the monster keeps inching forward.

The Atlantic TTIP version should be complete shortly, stitching in most of the rest of the world.

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