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As I keep saying, the picture of what is going on in Syria and Iraq, etc. with and around Daesh and their relationship with Israel and the United States in the MSM is a long way from the truth. Even more, it appears to run deeply into ancient buildings and knowledge. I have been watching how the wars in the Middle East, going back to at least the Iraqi wars, have involved the destruction of ancient archaeological sites that carry connections to spiritual, religious and the re-emergence of civilisation in what can be broadly termed the Western world, the most recent being Palmyra. Let me share some quotes from this article by Gordon Duff:

We begin with a report of American helicopters ferrying ISIS commanders out of Ramadi as Iraqi Army forces close in.  To this, we add our previous reports which place this act in context.

We have more than strong evidence, we can say “inexorable proof” that the US and Israel are commanding ISIS operations in Iraq. Those who have been ordered to participate in this are not happy about it

…The ISIS drive on the ancient city of Palmyra has a special significance, according to documents seized on May 16, 2015 by Syrian Special Forces units in a near dawn attack on al Mayadin, along the Euphrates River.

The al Mayadin attack, simultaneous to an American attack only a few miles further north along the Euphrates, brought both nations a trove of vital intelligence.  Documents found on a laptop used by a top ISIS commander showed direct communications via “social networks” with Israel, but that isn’t all that surprising nor is it what is of real significance.  The message received from Israel had several startling elements:

  • Orders for the ISIS drive that took Palmyra came from Israel but also reference “the freemasons,” a group whose historical origins are tied to the Knights Templars, a religious and military organization believed to have discovered the First Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and to have looted its gold and artifacts.
  • The document orders ISIS to find and destroy the Second Temple of Solomon to be found in Palmyra, long the subject of “fringe” archeology, and thought to be a mythological site built by superhuman beings or even extraterrestrials.
  • The document goes further, indicating that Israel will destroy the al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam that has been under attack by Israeli settlers in recent weeks.The ISIS drive on Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an incomparable archeological treasure was carefully coordinated with a drive that took the Iraqi city of Ramadi and a Turkish backed drive on Aleppo by Al Nusra.  All three operations were totally unhindered by US and “coalition” air attacks, curiously so.  Moreover, reports from Ramadi of American C130 aircraft resupplying ISIS units have multiple confirmation despite US denials.  When questioned about this, US Army Special Forces representatives blamed Iran for spreading the rumor as part of a psychological operations ploy despite the fact that the US had previously admitted to “accidentally” resupplying ISIS forces near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.  The Kobani “accidents” happened several time over a period of days during the height of the battle there.

End of quote.

There is a great deal of evidence that those who run our world want to disconnect us from all threads of the past, having us believe we lived in caves 10,000 years ago, that Darwin’s theory of evolution or variations thereof can explain human life, that consciousness arises in the brain, and many other related notions. Even Graham Hancock, who very much “sticks to the facts” when writing about evidence of prior advanced civilisation on Earth, when he saw the roof that has been placed over Gobekli Tepe, shutting an astronomical/astrological site off from the sky, writing in his recent “Magicians of the Gods”, was drawn to say:

The roof has cut Göbekli Tepe off entirely from the cosmos. It feels almost like a deliberate, calculated act of disempowerment—as though someone among the powers that be suddenly woke up and realized how dangerous this ancient place has become to the established order of things and how subversive it potentially is to the system of mind control, very much including control of the past, that keeps modern society in order.


So, thank you, Gordon, for revealing this thread that gives support to the idea of intended destruction and a deeper, hidden plan in all of this.

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