WE NEED YOUR HELP! False Flag Weekly News under attack for spreading the truth

The campaign to shut down the alternative media by turning off its funding sources is continuing apace.

We have seen its funding via YouTube advertising get turned off and a growing amount of the material classified as “Fake News” and removed.

Now, here is an example of this shut down growing to alternative funding mechanisms.

Kevin Barrett has had his GoFundMe account shut down and his database deleted.

We live in a time where the police state grip is being tightened inexorably and unrelentingly, one step at a time.

I have written about holohoax literature disappearing from Amazon and I’ll have more to say on this shortly.

None of this is any surprise; however, it is important, in my opinion, to mark the phenomenon.

I expect things to get more difficult on many fronts before they get better.


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