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Who Told You About the Birds and Bees?


I don’t remember how old I was, but I was still in short pants when my mother gave me and my sister a glimpse into how the birds and bees propagate.

I didn’t want to hear it, especially coming from my mother. And evidently, my mother didn’t relish the idea either, as she seemed a bit tipsy.

As my mother stumbled toward the climax, I interrupted her with, “I know all about it,” hoping to end the session.

“What do you know?” my mother asked, sounding a bit relieved.

Now the onus was on me, and I was uncomfortable being on center stage.

Slowly, I lifted my gaze, meeting my mother’s watery brown eyes. Finally, I said, “The man sticks his thing in the lady’s  thing.”

“Then what happens?” my mother asked with a faint smile beneath her puckered forehead.

“That’s all,” I said, hoping my sex education was complete for the time being.

“Yes, you’re right,” my mother said, smiling. “And yes, that’s all there is.” She was a wonderfully wise parent who knew a child’s education about the birds and bees was best done on a gradient scale – a little bit at a time.

Since that long ago moment, governments have gotten into sexual education through  mandated public schools, completely usurping what has traditionally been the sole responsibility of parents.

Today, only three states require parental consent before a child can receive sexual education in public schools – and such education has become perverted by any sane measure of judgment.

By the 1980s the US federal government was well in command of all local schools causing their serious decline ever since with huge dropout rates and failures in mathematics and reading.

What was once the finest educational system in the entire world, American schooling has fallen well behind other developed nations with its anti-critical-thinking teaching methods. And as a result, sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll have replaced traditional American values. No longer is sex before marriage considered a sin.

But wait, things have regressed far worse than that, all by design. Even in the early 1960s, I saw it coming. My major at the University of Florida was education, a  college that provided no education.

My fellow students and I sat in grammar- school-like desks that were positioned in a circle. Then we took turns reading aloud from federal government mandated text- books, by the likes of the utterly insane John Dewey – the so-called father of US modern education.

The laughter and snickers this exercise caused were actually embarrassing. I remember one laughable passage in particular by Dewey: It is not the teacher’s function to educate the child.

Education has never been the purpose of governmentally mandated schools, but brainwashing has been, especially along sexual lines, all enhanced with chemically laden drugs, administered by some old quack called a student counselor.

Physical education and exercise has been largely minimized, with more time spent undressing, dressing, taking roll, and just standing around than actually exercising.

The “authorities” tell us that schoolyard sports and exercise are too dangerous, or  too exclusionary, while some team sports promote aggression, or encourage too much victimization. When the American federal government covertly attacks its junior or senior citizens, it is always done under a banner of false benevolence: such as health, safety, security, or well-being.

What is actually dangerous for children and teens is a lack of exercise, as that is the period of their lives when physical movement is needed to build a strong skeletal muscle and bone structure.

This lack of physical activity coupled with the long hours of sitting and listening to absolute utter rubbish causes children to become a bit restless. This of course is diagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which somehow justifies the crime of drugging children with the dangerous chemical concoctions known as Adderall, Dexedrine, Desoxyn, Concerta, Ritalin, Methylin, Focalin, Intuniv, Atomoxetine, Clonidine, or any number of other debilitating and habit-forming drugs.

This drugging of our children is growing, not receding, despite all the medical and scientific advice that these chemicals can make children and adults suicidal and even into killers.

All of the school shooters I’ve researched were on some kind of drug(s) prior to their murderous rages. If you know of a school shooter who was not on any kind of psychotropic, please email me about it at the email address at the end of this article.

Some children and teens are even given a combination of several drugs, without anyone knowing what the results would be on any particular child’s or teenager’s blood chemistry.

Then in a drugged haze, students are put through a thorough sexual indoctrination program, often at a ridiculously early age.

A major promoter of cultural Marxism and its sexual demagoguery is the infamous New York Times (Slimes). That newspaper recently ran an article by a Ms. Debra Hauser titled Sex Education for Kindergarten and Beyond.

In the agitprop article, Ms. Hauser stated, Withholding information about sex and sexuality will not keep children safe, it will only keep them ignorant.

Notice Ms. Hauser’s use of the key word – withholding, as if children of kindergarten age are clamoring for sexual knowledge but it is brutally being withheld from them. Nothing is said about how brutally sexuality is being forced upon youngsters far too young for such a disturbing and needless distraction.

Youth is a spectacular stage of life when one’s rate of attaining and retaining much knowledge is outstanding and should not be the least bit disrupted with something as consuming as sexual thoughts. Sexual musings will naturally come to children as they approach puberty, which is the ideal age for parents to begin imparting sexual knowledge to their children. The state has no business infringing on the sexual development of a child. It is pure tyrannism to do so.

Ms. Hauser also deceptively and falsely said, Quality sex education should start in kindergarten.

The key word here is quality, as if quality means vital, important, or something that must be imparted to small children. This is the way the agitprop articles, books, and television interviews of the cultural Marxists spread their poison – with key words, meant to mislead.

The only quality sex education for a small child is no mention of sex at all. This is a truth that has been known and honored for thousands of years.

A child’s formative years should be spent learning morals, ethics, manners, words, numbers, and things that will aid their future survival. Such a period of super growth and learning in a child’s life is a fragile time that can be violently and forever disrupted by the introduction of sex in any way. This is also well known by the avowed and ignorant enemies of man, thus the reason for the American federal government’s takeover of public schools. Americans who support ever more power to the state have no conception of the noose they are placing around all of our necks.

People such as Ms. Debra Hauser, those who own The New York Times, and those who control our government are not our cognoscenti. No, they are enemies of our nation and of mankind, but they are too ignorant to even understand what they are doing to themselves.

The abuse of sexual education is knowingly used to indoctrinate and corrupt young minds and is strongly correlated with dysfunctionality in adult life, often causing such children to later become sexual predators.

Currently the push with sexual education directed toward our youth is to normalize homosexuality in their minds, with vapid political correctness playing a major role. The normalization of homosexuality is  easily the sine qua non of current sex ed in public schools.

As homosexuality is widely accepted as natural and even desirable, the cultural Marxists will advance to popularizing truly depraved sexuality, such as sadism, pedophilia, and even bestiality.

Already the radical left has tried to advance popular acceptance of pedophilia. The cultural Marxists who control the American Psychiatric Association (APA) have a Bible, which lists hundreds of psychiatric disorders. They call it the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM for short.

This DSM directory is mostly hokum, as it is firmly rooted in Freud’s psychobabble that makes the assumption that sex is foremost on our subconscious minds.

The updated version of the DSM states that adults who secretly wish to have sex with children will no longer be classified as having a severe psychiatric condition. In other words, the American Psychiatric Association claimed that pedophilia is merely one’s sexual orientation; and engaging in sex with children is simply a sexual preference and not a crime at all.

The outrage from various enlightened quarters of America to this startling announcement was so great that the APA said the whole thing was a mistake, a misprint, if you will. The truth is the APA was advancing too quickly by trying to popularize pedophilia. But they will be back after the additional softening up of the American people with more political correctness disseminated by the main- stream media.

In the near future expect the corporate media to begin labeling those of us who even timidly condemn pedophilia: we will likely be called homophobes or victims of some other hyped phobia.

In time, the dark overlords of our society will give all pedophiles the same rights and status as homosexuals. They will make pedophilia an accepted “alternate lifestyle,” or just another accepted sexual orientation. Virtually any abhorrence is possible in a country saddled with as many ignorant and apathetic people as we have in America.

And as frightening as it is, Americans will become even more ignorant and apathetic with the federal government moving to take even more charge of our school systems. Their latest crime against American children is something they call Common Core.

The dangers and threats to American liberty and education stemming from Common Core are startling, even in spite of our government’s history of atrocities against humanity.

As in the past, but now more than ever, the Common Core ideal is to hammer into students what to think, not how to think.

I recently received an email from one of my readers that explains much about the affront known as Common Core. It reads as follows …

I just finished an article about a Common Core test that provoked outrage among some parents when correct answers were marked as wrong. It was a 3rd grade test in which one question was: What is 5 x 3? The child’s answer was 5+5+5=15. The teacher marked it wrong, and showed the “correct” answer: 3+3+3+3+3=15.

The next question was: What is 4 x 6? The child’s answer was to put hash marks on the page in 6 rows of 4. The child then had to count hash marks to get the answer, 4 x 6 = 24. Again the answer was marked wrong, with the correct answer given by the teacher: 4 rows 6 hash marks = 24.

Now I would hope most of us raised in the days of learning multiplication tables know that 5 x 3 = 3 x 5, and 6 x 4 = 4 x 6. But Common Core “standards” consider a correct answer to be wrong unless it was obtained by the required Common Core method.

Common Core is about obedience, not education.

This example clearly shows the federal government’s religious zeal in forcing children in what to think as opposed to how to think.

And what to think will be Soviet-style propaganda, along with mandatory drugs and poisonous vaccines. The importance of alternate sexual lifestyles, the glories of an all-powerful central government, the snitching on parents (and others) who offer counter-school advice, and all things the government considers to be to its benefit are all at the heart of Common Core – and to hell with teaching the three Rs.

Common Core and modern American education is simply old-style Soviet education, with all the latest progressive sure-to-fail nonsense added to it.

Correction: Soviet education, even with all its governmental propaganda and banal clichés, was superior to today’s American educational system, for at least Soviet education was well grounded in languages, science, and mathematics. And that is a crucial reason why Russia has bounced back from the inefficiencies and horrors of communism to become the leader of the free world.

At the base of Common Core, and the entire American educational system, is the purpose of denying students – thus future voters – any of the important abilities to think in logical progressions. In that fashion, future voters will not have the capacity to see the illogics propagated by their government via the talking heads of the corporate media.

Thomas Edison is quoted as having said, “Only two percent of people think.” After a couple of generations of Common Core, we’ll be lucky if two percent of Americans can think critically.

One of the most powerful, well-funded (but tax free) political action groups in the world is the Southern Poverty Law  Center (SPLC). This cluster of cultural Marxists recently said the thousands of parents with legitimate concerns over Common Core were conspiracy theorists.

The SPLC is always half-baked, but seldom half right. In this case, however, they are half right, as these thousands of American parents are not conspiracy theorists but conspiracy investigators trying to get to the heart of an obvious conspiracy against America’s youth.

The mission of the SPLC is to promote contention and confusion amongst the American people. This is done because governmental crimes hide well within enough controversy and complexity.

But is it any wonder that our government would grant tax-free status to such obvious alien cultural Marists?

In conjunction with Common Core will be an all-out attack on home schoolers, as they will be treated as enemies of the state. Yes, they will in fact be enemies of the state, because the federal government has become the main enemy of the people.

Governments are either at our feet, or at our throats – the choice is ours.

For a long time I have thought my real education was incomplete, which I tried to remedy in all the wrong places, such as our governmentally mandated public schools, the corporately owned media, and the popular opinions of everyone I came across.

It was not until the Internet revolution that I was able to break free of the long and carefully contrived left/right political paradigm in which I was unknowingly trapped.

Today, in addition to our country being subverted by well-entrenched cultural Marxists, the triumph of the banking cartel’s usury and the influence of sexual licentiousness are causing our culture to fail at a mad rate. Plus, we are living within the largest economic bubble ever known – a bubble that is sure to explode all over the world.

Civil unrest, massive unemployment, food scarcities, useless money, and many more despotic laws may only be the beginning of what is likely to occur. Please take the necessary steps to prepare for the worst, while praying for divine guidance. During this period of destitution and mass chaos, a rebirth of the American spirit may occur, wherein we will be given extraordinary, and perhaps extrajudicial, opportunities to live our lives as we see fit.

And as in Russia today, we may again become a nation under God, wherein freedom is cherished and our children are educated by us, not the state.

But still, we may soon long for the halcyon days when a parent told us the shocking story of the birds and bees.



J. Speer-Williams –

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