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America’s Special Forces are secretly assassinating the enemy and the innocent

Earlier this year I shared with you Jeremy Scahill’s powerful documentary “Dirty Wars” on the activities of America’s Joint Special Operations Command or JSOC. Their reach is long and their agenda the fostering of terror and the maximising of America’s commercial interests in a highly secretive manner and with complete disregard for those they come across.

The article below expands on this subject. It is self-explanatory.

The Globalization of Special Forces

By Manlio Dinucci

Global Research, May 20, 2014

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Special Forces have been designed to use military means to conduct unconventional warfare operations, mainly to cause riots and murder political opponents. Washington already secretly used them in 78 countries, while denying the very existence of their missions, although their budget exceeds 10 billion dollars annually. The globalization of these forces should enable it to expand its invisible dictatorship.

An accident, sometimes, permits the discovery of a “secret war”. This is what happened in Yemen, where, at Sana, a member of U.S. Special Forces and CIA shot two men and killed them. According to the official version, these were simply two Al Qaeda terrorists they wanted to remove. The incident, far from simple, sparked a wave of protests against the government, already under indictment because it allows CIA drones to operate in Yemen starting from a Saudi base.

The Pentagon ­ confirms the New York Times – has intensified the actions of its special forces in Yemen. Yemen is a country of great importance for its strategic position on the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, crossed by major oil and trade routes linking Asia and Europe. Djibouti, in front of Yemen, 30 kms away on the African coast, is where Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa is parked, consisting of approximately 4,000 men of the U.S. Special Forces. With helicopters and special aircraft, they carry out night raids, particularly in neighboring Somalia and Yemen, flanked by elite contractors and technical experts of the assassination shooter category. Special forces available to the Africa Command (AFRICOM) operate in Nigeria and many other African countries. They are part of joint operations Command (USSOCOM ), which, after being used by the Republican Bush especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, has now taken on a new importance with the Democratic Obama.

The Obama administration – wrote the Washington Post – “prefers covert action rather than the use of conventional force.” USSOCOM commander, Admiral William McRaven, declared a month agot to a Senate committee that U.S. special operations forces operate in 78 countries worldwide, either by direct action or by training local units.

The admiral did not specify which countries, indicating only that in Afghanistan was established a new Special Forces Command, also including those of NATO. So Washington’s war in Afghanistan has not stopped, but has become “covert”.

Other official sources confirm that special forces were deployed in Jordan and Turkey to train and lead armed groups for the “secret war” in Syria (as had been done in Libya).

Special Forces are increasingly used in Eastern Europe. Especially to train the neo-Nazis used during the coup in Kiev, as confirmed by photographic documentation that shows Ukrainian neo- Nazis from Uno-Unso trained in Estonia starting in 2006. [1]

But USSOCOM looks beyond : in its “Vision 2020″, it foresees “building a global network of special operations forces ,” including those of allied countries, including Italy, placed under U.S. command. In this way, the decision to go to war becomes the more exclusive domain of power cliques, and parliaments lose the little decision-making power they have left. And war will disappear more and more in the eyes of public opinion, already widely accustomed to believing that what we see is all there is, or rather, what we are seeing in the mainstream media distorting and falsifying reality.

So it is with the campaign by the White House for the release of abducted young Nigerian girls while in Yemen, controlled by U.S. special forces, thousands of girl children and young girls from Africa are reduced each year to the state of sex slaves for wealthy Yemenis and Saudis, allies of Washington.

Manlio Dinucci, 13 of May 2014

Translation : Roger Lagassé,

Copyright © 2014 Global Research

The NZ Prime Minister caught out lying about the GCSB and Kim Dotcom

Few of you, perhaps, are interested in the comings and goings in New Zealand, unless you’re a New Zealander; but, for me, there is a story that is unfolding there that connects powerfully back into how America operates and how its other “Five Eyes” partners readily kowtow to America’s wishes, not just regarding security and the detailed surveillance of every citizen on the planet, but also the use of so-called security services for American commercial benefit. It is also an example of some excellent investigative journalism that you do not see in the mainstream media in the United States and, in my experience, only find in Australia and New Zealand today, and with the Murdoch-driven pressures on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), we may not see in Australia for much longer.

This video report tracks the change in the focus of the GCSB in New Zealand from a traditional security focus to a much more commercial and IP focus with the appointment of Ian Fletcher as its head. It also exposes the fingers of the PM John Keys and others in the pie of illegal spying on Kim Dotcom prior to the raid on him in early 2012, serving the interests of America’s MPAA, ostensibly for copyright infringement, a case that seems weaker by the day, and for which there is strong circumstantial evidence suggesting the raid was driven by an Obama administration wishing to curry favour with Hollywood for their support of Obama prior to his 2012 re-election.

I have long said that they took on the wrong guy when they decided to shut Kim Dotcom down, and this is becoming more and more evident.

This article and this radio interview flesh out this story a little more.

None of this should come as a surprise to any of us, since the United States has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to destroy other countries by whatever means necessary for their own economic interests, it’s just that citizens of the “Five Eyes” countries tend to believe they are somehow protected by the American umbrella and nothing could be further from the truth.

3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

Thank you, Hedy. Quite a story.

 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

By Tara MacIsaacEpoch Times | May 17, 2014 

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge.
In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe in his previous life. He showed village elders where the murderer buried his body, and sure enough they found a man’s skeleton there. He also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found, and upon digging, they did indeed found an axe there.

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today,”German therapist Trutz Hardo tells this boy’s story, along with other stories of children who seem to remember their past lives with verified accuracy. The boy’s story was witnessed by Dr. Eli Lasch, who is best known for developing the medical system in Gaza as part of an Israeli government operation in the 1960s. Dr. Lasch, who died in 2009, had recounted these astounding events to Hardo.

The boy was of the Druze ethnic group, and in his culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. His story nonetheless had the power to surprise his community.

He was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. The Druse believe, as some other cultures do, that birthmarks are related to past-life deaths. When the boy was old enough to talk, he told his family he had been killed by a blow to the head with an axe.

It is customary for elders to take a child at the age of 3 to the home of his previous life if he remembers it. The boy knew the village he was from, so they went there. When they arrived in the village, the boy remembered the name he had in his past life.

A village local said the man the boy claimed to be the reincarnation of had gone missing four years earlier. His friends and family thought he may have strayed into hostile territory nearby as sometimes happens.

The boy also remembered the full name of his killer. When he confronted this man, the alleged killer’s face turned white, Lasch told Hardo, but he did not admit to murder. The boy then said he could take the elders to where the body was buried. In that very spot, they found a man’s skeleton with a wound to the head that corresponded to the boy’s birthmark. They also found the axe, the murder weapon.

Faced with this evidence, the murderer admitted to the crime. Dr. Lasch, the only non-Druze, was present through this whole process.

To read more of Hardo’s stories, read his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before.”

ALSO SEE: Boy Remembers Wife and Killer of Past Life, Finds Them Again

The Truthseeker: NATO false flags in Ukraine and beyond

Truthseeker’s Daniel Bushell powerfully reveals the role of false flag activity in Ukraine and beyond. False flags have been behind all wars in the last 200 years and perhaps behind every armed conflict, if this documentary video is any indication. The commentators note how we continue to have psychopathic political leaders, but they have not yet “connected the dots” as to why this is so. This is not some kind of accident as is elucidated in this interview with David Icke.

Until and unless we wake up to this, the pattern will long continue and those well-meaning people who want to see things change will keep shooting at the shadows. Bushell refers to the fact that the false flag strategy was used by the Nazis to start WWII with Poland. What he doesn’t recognise is that the same forces that funded and directed Hitler and his thugs are the same forces behind America’s thugs today, which is a key reason behind the most important Nazi scientists and psychopathic “doctors” such as Mengele being brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip to continue their work.

Honouring your contract – a message of hope and understanding

A deceptively simple message of hope and understanding. Thank you, Kate.

May it be so.

Monsanto’s Darkest Secret: Roundup’s Effect On The Fetus

The evidence of the impact of glyphosate on human and non-human life is finally emerging:

Earth Open Source, A group of independent scientists (think not paid to scientifically support corporations) published a compendium of literature that they called “Roundup and Birth Defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?” stating, “The pesticide industry and EU regulators knew as long ago as the 1980s-1990s that Roundup, the world’s best-selling herbicide, causes birth defects – but they failed to inform the public.”

The report was the by-product of an international collaboration of concerned scientists and researchers, and reveals in shocking clarity how the industry’s own studies show Roundup causes birth defects in laboratory animals. One of the damning studies was even commissioned by Monsanto, the manufacturer of the herbicide.

The findings of the report were summarized as follows:

Industry has known from its own studies since the 1980s that glyphosate causes malformations in experimental animals at high doses

Industry has known since 1993 that these effects also occur at lower and mid doses

The German government has known since at least 1998 that glyphosate causes malformations

The EU Commission’s expert scientific review panel knew in 1999 that glyphosate causes malformations

The EU Commission has known since 2002 that glyphosate causes malformations. This was the year it signed off on the current approval of glyphosate.

No surprises here.

But the real sleeper in Roundup, for me, is that it contains adjuvants which intensify the action of glyphosate, reportedly 125 times. Does this mean the impact on us is 125 times greater than glyphosate alone? It seems the studies on the effects of glyphosate in the presence of the adjuvants has not been studied. Moreover this neglect is routine when it comes to the approval of pesticides and other products.

And Roundup used to be labelled biodegradable.

If I didn’t know Monsanto was such a fine, upstanding responsible corporate citizen, I might even begin to think this was intentional… If you haven’t watched this documentary on Monsanto, I commend it to you. Would you trust a company with this track record? According to Bill Engdahl, it was after a meeting with Monsanto that GWH Bush instructed the FDA to introduce the “doctrine of substantial equivalence”, which allowed GMO products to flow unfettered into the American food chain, with no testing whatsoever. Slowly the world is awakening to the travesty this represents.

Bill Engdahl’s video discussing his book “Seeds of Destruction” is also worth your time.

These Men Are Training To Put You and Your Family In a FEMA Camp

In my view, we all need to understand what Dave Hodges shares with us in this article. Step out of line in the United States and you can be stateless and incarcerated – and Dave gives examples of it happening NOW.

In the eyes of this criminal administration, we are all enemy combatants. We are all “sovereign citizens”. We are all stateless people not protected by either the Constitution, in the pre-arrest period, or, by the Geneva Convention, in the post-arrest period. In the next part of this series, I will spell out what losing your Geneva Convention rights will mean to you and your family.

You will never stand before a judge and jury and have your freedom stripped from you. You will likely be taken from your home at 3AM, loaded into a transport vehicle with other designated sovereign citizens with only the clothes on your back, and shipped to your final designated I/R camp. Don’t forget what you have already seen in terms of documentation, each one of your family members will be sent to a different FEMA Camp.

Sandy Hook and the real “Robbie Parker”: SpotterRF, DH and the CIA

I have been quiet on the Sandy Hook “massacre” for a while, but this does not lessen the brazen abuse to us all in this now well exposed psyops project with many agendas – yet all the while the mainstream press and publicity machines keep moving forward with the notion that it was a real event. It reminds me of the travesty of 9/11 revisited this last week with the unveiling of the memorial. More on this one soon.

But this article tacking down the truth behind one of the exposed actors on the day is a strong reminder of the depth and brazenness of this travesty.

How The Game Is Played (e.g. the obfuscation of Pope Francis) – Gillian Grannum

The rules of the game are simple. Identify a problem that affects society then steer reaction toward a solution that cleverly focuses attention “over there” and not “here.”
Pope Francis does a brilliant job of this.

“VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis called Friday [May 9th] for governments to redistribute wealth to the poor in a new spirit of generosity to help curb the “economy of exclusion” that is taking hold today.
Francis made the appeal during a speech to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of major U.N. agencies who met in Rome this week.
. . .   On Friday, Francis called for the United Nations to promote a “worldwide ethical mobilization” of solidarity with the poor in a new spirit of generosity.”
He said a more equal form of economic progress can be had through “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.” (DailyNews)

This all sounds very good until you realize how adroitly these statements address the problem while shifting attention away from the Vatican itself.

  1. The Pope calls on “governments to redistribute wealth” (secular wealth redistribution)
  2. This “legitimate redistribution” is to flow from the state, the private sector and civil society (again, no mention of religious institutions)
  3. The Pope makes his appeal during a speech to the UN Secretary General and heads of major UN agencies.

You can read the rest of Gillian’s article here.

The energy giants are the drivers in Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, the game in Ukraine is unfolding as being about gas reserves, and Royal Dutch Shell with its strong Rothschild shareholding is in the thick of it, along with Joe Biden’s son and others getting involved. If you look more closely at perhaps all of these actions across the globe, you find the resource grab behind it. It has been going on for decades if not centuries. Look more closely at the so-called Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapping and you’ll find it there, too.

This RT video gives an excellent quick snapshot.

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