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Or is it even Ebola?

Ebola is the next false flag in America

If you have been watching the Ebola game unfold, you will have seen that is a different Ebola from the past. The previous one wiped out a village because everyone became rapidly infected, and then it would stop. This one is slower to incubate; the infection vectors are different; despite the claims, there appears to be quite a high recovery rate and it may even survive in conditions outside of the high temperature, high humidity conditions of West Africa, though, for me, this is far from proven.

But if you want to run a good piece of scare mongering, don’t let the facts interfere with the story. Not a mistake they have made in the past, and don’t expect it this time. And when I heard of plans to install body temperature monitors in schools to detect Ebola, my scam alarm bells went off. Expect the vaccination programme to soon follow. You may like to read Jon Rappoport’s Ebola Q&A, and perhaps is other Ebola posts whilst you’re there. Jon has a good nose for a rat. You may also like to read this article.

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