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Weaponised Ebola being intentionally introduced into the United States – and likely elsewhere – and what you can do to protect yourself

I have shared with you previously the evidence that has come my way which strongly indicates the current Ebola outbreak involves a weaponised virus and that its spread is no accident (and even if it is Ebola). Recent articles have strengthened that view and heightened my sense of the personal risk to possibly everyone on the planet. Strong words, but hear me out.

The current picture I have began to form with this article by Gordon Duff, which shares intelligence indicating that Americans are being intentionally infected and suggesting the current number is currently perhaps as high as 5,000 people. Then this article discussing the seemingly intentional neglect by the CDC to note the similarity of the symptoms of a virulent form of tuberculosis to those associated with Ebola added to the conversation.

Then this article got my attention, which states in its title that Ebola is airborne, but more importantly shares a multi-way discussion about Ebola and brought the extraordinary Dr. Rima Laibow into my awareness.

Rima is in no doubt that this outbreak is intentional, that there is a clear plan to infect Americans in particular given what has occurred in the handling of cases thus far and the suggested protocols in dealing with infected patients in the United States, the efforts by the WHO to block trials of Nano Silver in West Africa, despite documented research conducted on behalf of the US Defence demonstrating its efficacy, and much more.

In my view, this discussion and most particularly the information shared by Dr. Rima Laibow will save many lives if it is acted upon. Given this, I have provided a somewhat tidied up version of this recording and you can listen to it or download it from here. I strongly encourage you to do so. In summary, a solution of 10ppm of nano silver is highly effective as a treatment, at least in the early stages, for Ebola and also many other similar diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, and just as importantly a powerful protection against infection by these viral diseases.

I have also shared with you the pointers to a plan to dramatically reduce the human population, and perhaps those running the game believe they have finally found the way. Perhaps this epidemic is why the US police and other domestic law enforcement have been so heavily equipped in recent years and perhaps, as others have pointed out, this is the reason why the CDC has a large stack of hermetically sealable caskets that it has been storing for some years.

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