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The American Revolution, Part II: Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence?

James Perloff is a thoughtful and thorough researcher and author. As July 4th is on our doorstep, Perloff’s recent article is timely and hangs a few myths of history out to dry:

For a long time, it has been understood outside the box of orthodox historiography that the Declaration’s real author was Thomas Paine. The case was made, for example, in Junius Unmasked: Or, Thomas Paine, the Author of the Letters of Junius, and the Declaration of Independence, by Joel Moody (1872); in this article published by Walton Williams in 1906; and in Thomas Paine: Author of the Declaration of Independence  by Joseph Lewis (1947).

Paine (1737-1809) was a British author of anonymous pamphlets. In England he met Freemasonic Grand Master-at-large Benjamin Franklin (who served not only as Grand Master of Pennsylvania, but Grand Master of the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris, as well as attending Britain’s satanic Hellfire Club). When Paine traveled to America, Franklin gave him a letter of introduction. He arrived on November 30, 1774, greeted by Franklin’s physician. This was less than five months before the orchestrated Battle of Lexington, flashpoint of the Revolutionary War.

End of quote.

I commend Perloff’s article to you.


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The destruction of Palestine by Israel

The animated GIF on this page illustrates the demise of Palestine at the hands of Israel – or, more accurately, those who created Israel – over the last 100 years better than anything else I’ve seen.

All carefully planned. And the Palestinians are the terrorists if you listen to the MSM.

Whatever else you may think, this is simply the genocide of an innocent people.

And as I’ve said many times, the Al Aqsa mosque will be knocked down, soon.

Just watch and wait. All else being equal, I give it five years max.


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