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Thank you, Gillian.

This beautifully written article by Steven Strong plots the evidence that Australia was not populated by African migration 50,000 years ago. Some quotes:

A little over two years ago, the somewhat intriguing headline “Gone fishing, 42,000 years ago” introduced an article in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper which was based on the findings of a team of Australian archaeologists from the Australian National University (Canberra). Their 2011 discovery of a fish hook at East Timor, along with evidence of deep-sea fishing occurring up to 42,000 years ago, carried with it some unexpected repercussions and was the catalyst for a considerable reshuffling of deck-chairs on an African boat that supposedly made landfall in Australia around 50,000 years ago…

Not only do we dispute from where the first ocean-going boats set sail, the upper limit of 42,000 years falls well short in our estimation. Research in Flores Island which, after Timor, is the next closest island to Australia, seems to indicate similar maritime technology and degrees of co-operative activity between various hominids was actually occurring no less than 800,000 years ago. In 1998, the late Professor Michael Morwood (1950-2013) published a paper detailing “indisputable” proof that “some 800,000 years ago Homo erectus… had reached the island of Flores”…

In times when the Old Ways were observed, many coastal tribes made a compact with their aquatic kin who they regarded as their brothers and sisters. A few men would attract the dolphin’s attention by flailing leafy bushes against the water, while most silently stood with heads bowed in reverence and thanks. This sacred ancient alliance was forged in the Dreaming, and until the Elder who was the custodian of a song that consecrated this inter-species alliance stood and broke into song, the dolphins were at the ready but the hunt could never begin. Everything was dependent on the Elders voice and verse, all the hunters had to do was to stand in the shallow water and keep perfectly still. The rest was easy, they silently waited and watched as the dolphins drove a school of fish to their feet. Once their brethren had completed their part of the bargain, the catch was gathered up and divided, guaranteed food for all, and the Elder sang songs of thanks…

This article turns the well-crafted but inaccurate view of human origins on its head, and shares a few gems of the wonderful culture of the Australian aboriginal people. Just don’t expect any mainstream acknowledgement – until the game on our beautiful planet changes.

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