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If you haven’t figured out Monsanto’s agenda yet, it is to control as much as possible of the human food supply globally, eliminate food production as much as possible by small independent farmers, and then through GMO practices, have food be a key element in reducing the human population on the planet. It is estimated that a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes as a result of the impact of Monsanto’s GMO products. 

This article discusses their efforts to control common seed stocks in Europe.  

If you think I’m crazy with this notion, do some homework on Monsanto. There’s plenty of information on the Internet about them, including some outstanding videos. I have not seen anyone take it as far as I have here, but I encourage you take a close look.  

There are just a few things we really need to live as we currently live:

Our health, including the ability to reproduce

Food (though not really, but most currently are convinced we do)

Clean Water


Clean air



Money (or so it appears)

Somewhere to live 

Yes, we could add lots of other things, but these are the key elements.

Of these health, energy and money are very clearly under the control of the forces that currently control most of what happens on our planet. Monsanto is out to control food and Nestle is girding its loins to take control of potable water (go take a look). 

I accept this is a gross simplification since, for example, food is way more complex than controlling its production, and there are many other ways besides GMO that food is being used to, at the very least, reduce the state of health of most people, and through it reducing life expectancy, etc. You need look no further than the obesity epidemic that has engulfed much of the world. Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why the onset of puberty arrives so much earlier for girls in particular in the last, say, 20-30 years? Do you think it’s some kind of accident? 

So, Monsanto is the key player in taking control of food production, amongst other things, across the globe. Just one plank of a much broader plan. 

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