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I see Fidel Castro look-alike Paul Ehrlich continues to dish out advice even as he approaches his eightieth year.  He sternly warns of Global Warming. It seems that within a decade or two England will be a desert, while tourists will bask on the beaches of Svalbard, beneath whispering palms, bathed in a sub-tropical sirocco breeze. And based on this advice I immediately placed my order for a warm house in the middle of the Sahara. Because when Paul advises shrewd investors act.

And do the polar (heh!) opposite.
You see the good doctor’s prognostications have up to now been, well, mixed. In fact make that utterly, totally and hilariously wrong. To wit in 1970 (The Population Bomb) he warned of imminent world-wide mass starvation, that England would cease to exist as a country by the end of the 20th century as famine stalked the land. In 1974 he predicted a new Ice Age as being just around the corner. Then, without  skipping a beat changed his mind and said well no, actually I mean Global Warming is going to finish us off.  And soon.
Ehrlich is far from being alone. The Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore is that in 2006 he told us that we’d all be living “in a frying pan” within ten years. How did that work out Al? In 1970 Dr. George Wald of Harvard was awarded the Nobel Prize for warning us that “civilization will end within 10 to 15 years” short of taking dramatic and unprecedented measures. Which of course never were taken. There are dozens of other hucksters out there now peddling similar nostrums, this time based on the Global Warming wheeze.
Serious question: How do these guys get away with being totally wrong again and again? More pertinently how do they continue to get away with it?  It’s complex, so maybe we need one of those brilliant black doctors and scientists we see on TV to explain it to us? Either way, my own theory is that the GW hoax represents a perfect vehicle for propagating the globalist/NWO agenda. Listen to uber-bitch Mary Robinson on the New York Slimes  “we need to secure an international legally binding climate agreement because climate change cannot be solved at the national level alone.”
Am I right?

End of quote.

You are right on, Savant. Right on. Ohhh… he didn’t mention that Ehrlich is Jewish. Part of that group of academics (most, actually, if they want to get and keep an academic job) that sell the global Jewish elite’s propaganda line of the moment. Again I state that I am not anti-Jewish per se and my Jewish friends know this. Just anti those who think those in this world and the world itself are for their own use, control and abuse, and have done so for millennia. And those Jews and non-Jews alike who are willing to sell their souls to these horrific people. Just map Ehrlich’s prognostications over the years and you see the pattern as clearly as the back of your hand.

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