Action on Victoria’s very small apartments – see Agenda 21 guidelines

It comes as government research reveals that more than three-quarters of new one-bedroom apartments built across the state are 50 square metres or less…

Agenda 21, anyone?

In San Francisco single individuals are rent their very own 1st generation Agenda 21 two hundred and twenty-two square foot apartment (if the closet and bathroom are factored into the allocated living space). The intention of these “shoe box homes” are to house marginalize the general public and train them to accept less living space in the name of affordability.

Or this:

When we carry out the principles of Agenda 21 out to its end point destination, the citizens of our country will be living in less than 500 square foot stack and pack apartments, they will not own an automobile because it will be cost prohibitive, they will not grow their own food and they will pay even a greater disproportionate percentage of their income for housing costs.

End of quote.

In my experience, almost no-one has even heard of Agenda 21. Wakey, wakey…

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