Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution (speech at Berkeley 1962)

I find this speech by Aldous Huxley very interesting, given its timing and the modern perspective held by some that he was something of an insider in the planned evolution of our world. It seems Huxley was himself an extensive user of mind-altering drugs. I quote John Coleman from “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300”:

The descendants of the British East India Company were delighted with the success of their drug program. Their disciples became adept in the use of LSD so conveniently made available by supporters of the drug trade like Aldous Huxley, courtesy of a highly respected pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, and financed by the great Warburg banking dynasty…

…Opium was popular in all of the fashionable clubs of Victorian London and it was no secret that men like the Huxley brothers, Aldous and Julian used it extensively.

The brothers were mentored by MI6 operative H.G. Wells at Oxford, and it was his work that Willis Harmon selected key elements from for his infamous “MK Ultra” experiment. Aldous Huxley used mescaline, and later, LSD quite extensively, which he then introduced into the U.S. after he was appointed visiting professor at the Committee of 300‘s  at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

End of quotes.

Coleman seems to take the view that this influence was inherently negative, with which I don’t entirely agree, though I find his connection of the increased availability and the less palatable application of some of these drugs to the global elite a subject of interest.

In any case, you may find this Huxley speech of interest.

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