For American Psychological Association, National Security Trumped Torture Concerns

I find this an interesting article about the role of the American Psychological Association in the post 9/11 CIA torture programmes.

It seems they are simply following the same pattern as their brethren in the American Psychiatric Association whose initial President, Ewen Cameron, was at the very heart of horrific experiments both within MK Ultra and outside of it, conducted primarily in Canada and the US, in many cases on unsuspecting “patients”. We know that the latter organisation operates hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry to define new psychiatric “disorders”, for which there are drugs but no tangible evidence, but its history and that of Cameron is not so well known – you can read a little of it here and also here.

Now, courtesy of the wonderful art of propaganda, we have been trained to demonise the Nazis for their horrific experiments on people and their eugenics plans when, in truth, they have been continued via these programmes and organisations in the West and the United States in particular though not only, and both the Nazi and those programmes since WWII have ALL occurred under the direction of the Tavistock Institute in London. You can get a glimpse of their influence through the work of Neil Sanders and Dr John Coleman in The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, and Political.

So, as with organisations like the WHO , the UN and the IMF, we are persuaded that organisations such as the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association are professional organisations overseeing professional people whose interests are serving the public. Whilst this is part of their public face, underneath their agendas are the dead opposite.

It’s time for us to stop being surprised by these understandings. It’s how our world works – until we wake up and change it. And it is at the heart of satanic practice, where black is shown to be white and vice versa, which also underpins our world.

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