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Those of you, like me, that have more years behind you than in front of you, will likely remember the thalidomide scandal of the 60s, where many deformed children were born due to the lack of thorough testing of the drug. Today’s equivalent is autism. Of course, if you ask the Western medical fraternity, it couldn’t possibly be vaccination, and the press and politicians are lined up behind this position.

As you should expect.

Allopathic medicine, after all, was created by John D Rockefeller to flog pharmaceuticals about 100 years ago, and it’s done pretty well.

And we are trained to treat our Western medical doctors as gods. All good for business. And many things have been done to strengthen that opportunity – banning cannabis because its powerful role in healing was unmistakeable and it was in widespread use. Not good for business.

And then we have the pasteurisation of milk and the demonization of breastfeeding by mothers worldwide, both of which act to weaken our immune systems, making us better targets for Big Pharma’s products.

But all of this pales in comparison to the impact of vaccination.

I’m not going to get into the arguments in support of vaccination, but if you want to read a little about the myth of herd immunity, you can read this; and there are many similar articles if you look.

Rather, my focus is autism. I have shared this meme with you before:

Compare that picture with this one.

Last year, a documentary called VAXXED was released. Its sole focus is autism.

Unsurprisingly, it has been demonised by the mainstream medical profession, the media and politicians alike. After all, none of these parties are terribly interested in letting the facts interfere with a good story. Jon Rappoport, who sees what’s going on in our world, discusses some of this and also here.

In Australia, that bastion of free speech and the open consideration of alternative views – vaccination is compulsory if you want to get your kids into school and receive child support – the showing of VAXXED triggered this typically enlightened response Chiropractors furious at Melbourne clinic screening of anti-vaccination film Vaxxed. As I said, don’t let the facts interfere with a good story, or more accurately, a good psyop.

Now, anyone who has spoken to mothers of children who have watched their child regress into autism after vaccination – as I have – knows it was triggered by the vaccination. The correlation is unmistakeable. And 10 minutes with Google will give you ample examples. But no, no. Officially they’re making it all up.

Now, VAXXED was never going to see mainstream theatre release, because of what it discusses. Not ever. And so, the makers have been stepping it around the US, with occasional radicals conducting private viewings as the one in Melbourne mentioned above, and recently they released it on DVD. This release doesn’t cover Australia, so I had it delivered to a friend (thanks, Kathy) to send on to me.

And a couple of days ago, I felt strong enough to watch it. I knew the story. I knew it was going to be difficult for me to watch.

The core story is the whistleblowing by CDC  scientist, Dr. William Thompson, who revealed that the CDC had falsified the results of a study (of which he was a co-author) that showed that the timing of the MMR vaccination dramatically impacted the likelihood of African American boys in Georgia suffering from autism.

But it does much more than that. It interviews many parents of autistic children who witnessed the decline of their child into autism after vaccination, especially after the MMR vaccine. Many of these are professional, eloquent advocates who want this travesty exposed.

And it tells a little of the story of the demonization of Dr Andrew Wakefield, who had the temerity to conclude from his studies that their might be a correlation between the timing of the MMR vaccination and the risk of autism. He didn’t say there was. He said the evidence suggested there may be and it deserved further study. How dare he!!!

Of course, if you accept the mainstream, the man’s been discredited. And if you still hold that view, I suggest you do some homework.

And it goes into the depths of the endemic CDC corruption. Mind you, it’s no different from any other US body ostensibly charged with protecting the public’s interest, and similar bodies elsewhere in the world.

A scientist quoted on VAXXED is Dr Stephanie Seneff. Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT in the Computer Science and AI Laboratory. She has a BSc in Biology from MIT and an MSc and PhD, also from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. So, Seneff is not someone with a vested interest in the autism debate and why I have chosen to quote her here. Seneff got interested in autism when the son of a friend was diagnosed with autism following a DPT shot (NB it’s not just the MMR vaccine that’s causing autism). She observes the following:

Autism did not exist prior to 1930.

The data from 1975 fits a perfect exponential curve.

“By 2032, 80% of boys born will end up on the autism spectrum. Half the children and 80% of the boys.”

Are you listening?

So, if not your own children, then your grandchildren or your great grandchildren will likely suffer from autism. And it didn’t exist prior to 1930. So, don’t think you can ignore this because your children got through unscathed. Will it take an autistic grandchild to have you act?

There are many, many supporting stories in VAXXED and a great number of qualified people sharing their knowledge and insights.

In my opinion, the tragedy of vaccination will dwarf the thalidomide story of the 60s. And autism is just the more extreme end of things. In my opinion, the explosion in ADD and ADHD amongst the young has the same source. It’s just not so extreme.

One more thing. The CDC has NEVER done any trials comparing the risk profiles of vaccinated and unvaccinated children… For anything. What a surprise!!!

So, if you can get to see VAXXED, please do so. Or buy the DVD and watch it, if it’s available in your area of the world. The people who made this need and deserve your and my financial support.

However, there are large parts of the world where it’s not available and, in my opinion, everyone needs to see it and ASAP. So, for those of you unable to access it, given where you live, here is a low quality version.

Please join me in doing everything you can to stop this abuse in its tracks.

And if you agree with me, share this far and wide.


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