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I quote:

Tunisian Prime Minister-Designate Hichem Mechichi has proposed a cabinet of technocrats without allegiance to any political parties, in an effort to solve an impasse in the country’s politics.

Mechichi barely met the deadline to present his new cabinet. A press briefing at midnight on Monday ensured his cabinet was submitted just before the deadline on Tuesday.

Technocratic government

Mechichi has attempted to circumvent Tunisia’s entrenched political divisions by proposing a cabinet of technocrats with no representation from any political parties. In the midnight press briefing, he stated that he aimed to use a non-political cabinet to accelerate economic development and improve social support for Tunisians.

Mechichi’s proposed cabinet is the second cabinet under consideration in six months. Former Prime Minister Elyas Fakhfakh resigned following a scandal over a conflict of interest with his business ties, leading President Kais Saied to appoint Mechichi as the new prime minister.

The newly-proposed cabinet needs to win a vote of confidence from Tunisia’s divided parliament. Without a positive result, President Saied would be forced to order a dissolution of parliament and new elections, which would present a new blow to Tunisia’s post-2011 democratic process.

End of quote.

When you understand the plans of the global elite, you begin to notice these events and see them as markers of the global plans being implemented in the “softest underbelly”. Part of their plan is to do away with the false paradigm, designed to distract the public, of politics.

Who created the political “democratic” system of “government”? Nobody asks. So few people look at context. They are completely absorbed by the content. If you don’t understand context, you are completely directed by those who set up the context. Think about it. It applies in EVERY area of life.

Most people think that politics provides the opportunity for the public to choose who rules over them, who they give their power away to. It has always been a false paradigm. Try to convince an American of this, especially in a Presidential election year. But…, but…, but… How could this all be false?


And so, when you have complete control, as they plan, you can do away with any semblance of choice by the public. In truth, politics is just a façade behind which the true power and control in our world is carefully hidden, and has been for centuries if not millennia.

When you look at English history and when you understand that Oliver Cromwell, the man responsible for the beheading of Charles I in 1649, was on the payroll of the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam, as documented by Captain Ramsay, you take a different view of our world. For example, Captain James Cook “discovered” Australia in 1770. That’s 120 years later… Which means Australia in its post Original people model, has ALWAYS been under their control. Do you begin to understand why Australia is such a benign police state?

And so, instead of politicians, we will have technocrats who will run things. In truth, mostly they already do. Look at the EU. A perfect example.

Expect it to show up elsewhere. And probably soon…


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