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According to new statistics, autism rates in California have exploded since the introduction of the mandatory vaccine bill last year.

Following the introduction of the controversial SB277 bill, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, autism rates have risen a staggering 17%. reports:

The state of California passed its controversial mandatory vaccination law (SB 277), which removed personal and religious reasons from the list of being exempt from vaccinations, with the goal of increasing vaccination rates.

End of quote.

I watch this and wonder how long people will allow themselves to herded into this death trap for themselves and their children.

I mean… we can trust the government, the media and the medical profession… can’t we? They wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt us… would they…?

And those people that made that VAXXED movie – they’re liars, aren’t they? And that Dr. Andrew Wakefield character. I mean, officialdom showed he was a charlatan a long time ago… didn’t they??? Thank goodness they’re keeping those liars away from Australians and most of the public elsewhere…

And this guy:

It’s just coincidence, right?

What will it take to awaken the sleeping giant?


If you have raised your children without experiencing autism, count yourself lucky. What about your grandchildren? Going to let them run the gauntlet? It’s a far, far greater risk today than 20-30 years ago. Will you be silent and say you didn’t know? Yes, it’s challenging to buck the system but we have to start somewhere. Thank you to those brave souls who are.


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