But isn’t Anarchism about – well – anarchy?

I find it interesting that there is a growing discussion about Anarchism and what it actually is, in this time when we are staring down the barrel of the globalists realising their objective of One World Government. And this conversation is emerging from within the box that the NWO promoters have placed it in – that Anarchism equates to anarchy; that we need central governments. But we don’t. Indeed, Anarchism frees people to come together as they choose for common benefit.

If these ideas are new to you, you might want to listen to this conversation about Anarchism, because it is a very open – dare I say it – anarchic discussion of the subject.

In my view, this is timely because we need to begin to think about our world beyond this heavily controlled paradigm. And many people out there are doing just that. In my view, it will be upon us before we realise it. May it be so.


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