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Update – Time for humble pie. Dr Rima Laibow, whose work I’ve previously referred to, reminded me that she recognised this game long ago. Indeed, I recall that from the beginning of her psychiatric practice in New York, she used only natural substances and practices for treating her patients.

My apologies, Rima, and I’m sure there are others.


I have written previously about how the Western allopathic model for medicine was created by the Rockefellers for their own purposes. However, it is one of those truths buried inside obfuscation, inside belief, etc. I have yet to speak to anyone who works in the Western medical system on any level – past or present – who understand this history or even wants to know. As I’ve said many times, people take their beliefs to be themselves. Question those beliefs and it’s like you’ve launched a personal attack on them. How well the programming works.

But this doesn’t make it untrue, and I recently came across another excellent piece of investigative journalism by James Corbett. Corbett almost unfailingly does great, thoroughly researched and well documented work and his video entitled Rockefeller Medicine is an excellent example. We are brought up to put our faith and trust and our lives in the hands of this monster. No, it’s not all bad, but it is mostly diabolical in its intent and execution, and those who are tasked with executing it have no idea what they are inside of.

Ever wondered why recently graduated doctors spend a year or more working in hospitals under conditions of high stress and sleep deprivation, often working 24 hours shifts? It’s called mind control programming. Most never question the system they are inside of.

In this context, it is no surprise to see this report from Mike Adams discussing how vaccine trials are set up to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the studies funded by the vaccine manufacturers.

And so it goes…


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