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I quote:

Original Story: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the death toll continues to rise, especially in the United States, where more than 180,000 people have died since it began. However, a new figure released by the Centers for Disease Control has created a stir, especially after it was retweeted by the President. Twitter has since removed President Trump’s retweet stating it violated the site’s rules.

The CDC updated the provisional counts on deaths that have occurred from COVID-19 on Aug. 26, and in the section on comorbidities, they revealed that only 6% of the deaths were caused by just the virus. That information has been seized on by those who believe the total deaths and the severity of the pandemic have been greatly exaggerated as an effort to undermine the President during an election year.

End of quote.

But if you’re inside the scamdemic psyop, as most people are, including many receiving this, this information will be simply ignored. More conspiracy theory.

“I trust my government, the official medical system and that good bloke and global saviour Bill Gates. None of them would EVER lie to me.”

As that line goes about politicians, only when their lips move…

Meanwhile, Parksville & Qualicum Beach in BC, Canada Outlaw COVID Restrictions (thank you, Mark).

I quote: In a historic act of direct democracy last night, the Oceanside Common Law Assembly (OCLA) passed a Public Safety Bylaw that prohibits COVID restrictions and mandatory distancing, masking, quarantines, and vaccinations anywhere in the communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Canada’s west coast.

End of quote.

A small island of sanity.


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