Damning Articles Showing Putin’s Early Collaboration with the ‘War on Terror’

An interesting article pulling some of Putin’s history that does not play well with the current Putin and Russia as the global saviour model:

Strangely Russia Today scrubbed the original link to this article on their website, which now redirects to some inane story about a Russian female pilot. RT and the Russian government, like their Pravda/Soviet predecessors, are clearly trying to erase Putin’s dubious past remarks in relation to 9/11 and the ‘war on terror,’ just as much of today’s ‘truther’ community and ‘anti-imperialist’ crowd seek to whitewash Putin’s dirty track record in the service of the false dialectical Russia-Saviour narrative.

End of quote.

The article gives many examples that do not play well with the current narrative.

Most of us are so gullible and with conveniently short memories.

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