David Icke discusses Illuminati symbolism in Washington DC, Moloch and Bohemian Grove

David clearly reached back into the archives for this footage, but it makes it no less relevant and shares some insights into some of the subjects I have written about many times:

the symbolism built into the layout of Washington DC,

the role of Moloch the owl in Illuminati symbolism and

the importance of Bohemian Grove.

And wait until you see who was sitting in a Bohemian Grove presentation in 1957.

And in case you think this was some “coincidence”, I suggest you read Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance: Formation of America ”, in which she describes her early meetings with Jerry Ford as a child when he was the local mafia porn boss and her being prostituted to him over the years before and during his Presidency.

Perhaps you might begin to see why I give no credence to the nonsense we call democracy and this current US Presidential “Punch & Judy” show. Do you think it’s any different anywhere?


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