Day 13 of Romanian protests demanding resignation of the Government over its decriminalization of official corruption

Thousands of Romanians held fast in their unrelenting protest in Victory Square, Bucharest, for the 13th night in a row on Sunday, demanding that the Cabinet steps down, following last week’s withdrawal of a controversial decree that would have decriminalised some cases of official corruption. In a sign of patriotism the crowd used lights to display the Romanian flag.

End of quote.

So, the public, when sufficiently riled, can stand up. Let’s see if the government steps down.

Heard about this in the MSM “news”?

Not likely.

But it’s made it to RT, as you see here. RT, that terrible Russian source of “fake news” and propaganda.

Meanwhile, as Clif High explains, Google et al have retuned their algos to disfavour alternative news sources.

Let not sources of truth disrupt the official meme.


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