What is this “Thunderstorm Asthma” that struck Melbourne, Australia?

Today, there were renewed warnings to Melburnians to be on their guard against “Thunderstorm Asthma”. This warning relates to events in Melbourne on November 21st, when Emergency Services were overwhelmed by calls as a result of this phenomenon, with an ambulance dispatched every 4.5 seconds during the peak of the storm, and eight people died.

Unsurprisingly, now that the dust (or pollen) has settled, people have begun to ask, “what was this?” And I, like others, have been sceptical about the official version.

And this article and especially this video linked therein gets very interesting. For me, the smoking gun (there are others) is the Wikipedia entry about “Thunderstorm Asthma“. It gives several prior examples of the phenomenon. Ahhh…, a known natural phenomenon. Except some doubting Thomas did some snooping, and found this page was created on November 22nd, the day after the event…

WTF has gone on here? A little bioweapon testing, perhaps? It has certainly set tongues wagging. But a known, natural phenomenon is was not, and today’s warning, in my opinion, is another piece of the cover-up.


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