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In 2002, Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with lymphoma. Anita was a young woman of Indian descent who had grown up in and was living in Hong Kong, recently married and with seemingly everything to live for. However, she had lived a life where she felt she was failing to meet the expectations of others, most notably her Indian family and community. Not long after her marriage to the husband of her own choice – not the Indian way – both her best friend and her brother in law contracted and died of cancer. And so, FEAR became Anita’s overriding emotion – fear of failing her family and community, fear of cancer, fear of doing the wrong thing at every turn – fear of life itself, and of dying.

She had nowhere to turn. Then her lymphoma.

Anita’s health declined over 4 years, to the point where her body was racked with cancer and unable to absorb nutrients. She was a skeleton, requiring a wheelchair to move around and her skin was covered in massive, weeping lesions  as her body tried to clear the toxins. Her husband stayed awake at night to make sure she didn’t drown in her own fluids in her sleep.

Then the inevitable happened. On February 6, 2006, Anita could not get up, even with assistance and she was admitted to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. The doctors were shocked at her state and told her husband they did not expect her to last the night. As they attached all of the medical paraphernalia, Anita drifted into a coma.

But she did not die. In this state, Anita had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Although you won’t hear about these in the mainstream media, whilst uncommon they are not so rare. I personally know of several people who have experienced an NDE for one reason or another. In Anita’s case, she experienced herself as being one with all things. She experienced her father, who had died several years before and her best friend who had died a few years before, interacting with her in unconditional love and compassion. She experienced that the past, present and future exist as one. She experienced that she was made from love and that everything is made from love and there was no judgment in that experience. She experienced herself as being One with all Creation.

She could hear and see the experiences of those connected to her in life, even though they were out of earshot of her comatose physical body – her brother flying from India to be with her, her husband speaking with a doctor down the hall from her room, telling him how dire her situation was (the doctor was later shocked when she greeted him by name and recounted what she had witnessed him doing and saying).

Then she realised she had a choice: she could continue to cross over, in which case she would die and the tests that had been run on her organs would show that they had completely shut down, or she could choose to return and share her experience and understanding with those who would listen, in which case the tests that had been run on her organs would show that, remarkably, her organs had begun to recover. Her choice in that state would determine the results of tests taken in the past. Anita chose to return.

The tests did show the organs were recovering, much to the surprise of the doctors. Within 3 days, the tumours had shrunk dramatically. Within 5 days, she left Intensive Care. The weeping lesions, which the doctors said would require surgical help to heal, partly because her body was so malnourished, healed by themselves. Within a few weeks, Anita had made a complete recovery.

I share this with you because, according to our Western medical model, this simply could not happen. Illness and disease is considered something which happens to us, rather than it being an experience we have because our body and/or soul is trying to tell us we have something that we need to heal; that our outer health experience is a reflection of our inner state of health (some people have experiences of health issues for other reasons, as Anita acknowledges in her book). Anita was clear, in hindsight, that her fear had caused her cancer, and in my own work, it is clear that fear is the most common cause of cancer.

Anita came to understand that religious dogma and belief of any type was restricting and more likely to lead us to live a limited life rather than an expansive one, lived in the moment and following the inner guidance we all have that can steer us through life. I don’t say effortlessly through life, because it isn’t always so, but if we follow our inner guidance, even if it involves some kind of struggle, it is in our best interest; and life truly unfolds in front of us, often with unexpected serendipity.

Anita now sees her cancer as the gift which set her free from her fear and limiting beliefs.

In my view, Anita chose this difficult path in life as a message to all of us who will listen – that life is not just this temporal domain; that we are all much, much more than this, and that our soul or spirit aspect survives the death experience. She also chose it as a shocking demonstration of the truth of her experience. According to the western medical model and the scientific worldview, she should have died on February 2nd, 2006. But, incredibly dramatically and emphatically, she did not. From within this conscious, her healing was miraculous, and it gave her a platform from which to share her understandings of how to live life and who and what we truly are – an expression of unlimited, loving consciousness.

I particularly love this book because it resonates so profoundly with what I teach in my own healing work; we need to heal our past and reconnect with our self-love, something that in our world is packaged as being self-indulgent and egotistical, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is only when we reconnect with the magnificence of who we are and our self-love that we can love others unconditionally for who and what they are. It is only by rediscovering this truth within ourselves that we can be fully empowered and fearless, living our own experience of the truth of ourselves.

You can find a series of videos of Anita’s experience here, and you can find her book, “Dying to Be Me” at this link. I commend it to you. It might transform your life.

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