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I find the timing of this article to be of interest, given my comments on Hitler these last couple of days:

According to a text that was presented as a confession of Rudolf Höss, one of the three successive commandants of Auschwitz, I remained puzzled and no one could explain the mysteries to me.

For example, how had the members of a Sonderkommando or “special squad,” once the victims’ screaming stopped and a ventilation device was turned on, been able to enter “sofort” (immediately) what would have been a sea of hydrogen cyanide, and that while eating and smoking, in other words, without even wearing a gas mask?

Zyklon B consisted of hydrocyanic acid on an inert porous base. Invented in 1922 and patented in late 1926, it had the disadvantage of being explosive, ignitable by the slightest spark, even from static electricity. To use it as we are told it was used for the Auschwitz-I “gas chamber”, in proximity to a crematory oven heating up, would have been sheer madness.

It was I who, ultimately, discovered the building plans of the crematorium at Auschwitz-I and those of Crematoria II, III, IV and V at Birkenau. They had been kept hidden since the end of the war. I found them on March 19, 1976 in the archives of the Auschwitz State Museum.

Thus I can state, in knowledge of the facts, that it would have been impossible to make 2,000 persons – as asserted by R. Höss in the account he gave at Nuremberg on April 15, 1946 – enter a space of 210 square meters. Assuming it were possible after all, there would hardly have been any need of gas to kill them, for they would simply have died of asphyxiation due to a rapid depletion of oxygen.

Never could the men of the Sonderkommando have set about, with all their might, the cyclopean task of disentangling, in an atmosphere full of hydrocyanic acid, so many bodies from one another and dragging each to a small lift connecting to the upper floor and the oven room.

I learned that, for a team of exterminators carrying out the simple disinfestation of a house with Zyklon B, any physical effort was strictly prohibited, since it would have accelerated the men’s breathing and so prevented the gas mask filters from serving their purpose.

The rules specified that at the end of a building’s disinfestation, when it was time to open the windows to air out the premises, one must not persist in trying to open a window that offered resistance but instead go and open the others. (To those who claim, without any evidence, that the Germans destroyed all their gas chambers, I retort: “In that case, draw me the things which, according to you, the Germans destroyed.”)

The stunning conclusion of this research: in nearly seventy years, neither the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg (1945-1946) nor any of the numerous other courts which have had to try cases of alleged crimes committed using gas chambers (or gas vans) has ordered a single forensic examination.

Better still: at the “Auschwitz Trial” in Frankfurt, running from December 20, 1963 to August 20, 1965, an inspection of certain points of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was held from December 14 to 16, 1964; one of the judges, Hotz, participated along with four prosecutors.

However, it appears that the five men dispensed with any detailed inspection of the places where so many criminal gassings, followed by so many cremations, were said to have occurred. How can it be?

A huge show trial had focused, twenty years after the war, on Auschwitz, capital of the greatest crime in world history, and the judges-accusers made not the faintest effort to inquire as to how such mass murder was first conceived, then perpetrated – and all over a period of years?

Never has anyone been able to provide me with a copy of forensic examinations of the “crime of Auschwitz.” I have been smothered with testimonies, stories, confessions, and history books of which I have imposed on myself the most scrupulous reading but, all told, only to discover vague accounts defying the laws of physics or chemistry. One forensic examination, and one only, would have sufficed.

The crematoria of Auschwitz or Birkenau had at most, as I discovered in certain documents hidden since 1945, rooms called Leichenhalle or Leichenkeller (depositories, at ground level or semi-interred, for bodies) perfectly typical in their size and, above all, in their ventilation system. In 1982, I also discovered that there had been a forensic examination of the alleged gas chamber of the Struthof camp in Alsace, which I had visited in 1974 and which had looked to me a crude fake.

I was later to learn that it was, in part, the product of work carried out after the war by a firm in the town of Saint-Michel-sur-Meurthe. Entrusted to Professor René Fabre, dean of the college of pharmacy in Paris, the examination concluded, as of December 1, 1945, on the absence of any trace whatsoever of hydrocyanic acid either

  1. in the exhaust chimney of the alleged gas chamber and the scrapings taken from them (X jars and Y jars) or
  2. in the corpses of the alleged Struthof gassing victims found in Strasbourg civil hospital.

René Fabre’s report has disappeared from the French military justice archives but we know its findings thanks to a paper in the file signed by three physicians who took part in the study: Drs. Simonin, Piedelièvre and Fourcade (“Whether ‘Holocaust by gas’ or ‘Holocaust by bullets’: no physical or forensic evidence!”). The three were chagrined at the result reached by Fabre but they had still been honest and scrupulous enough to report it.

End of quote.

You may also want to examine these two videos. One may be blocked in your region, but it is available from YouTube in the Netherlands if you have the means to access it.

What will it take for the world to awaken to the deceit we have been subjected to over the Holocaust?

What will it take for the public to begin to recognise what a world constructed of propaganda and deceit we live inside of? No doubt most people believe the stories of the pieces of MH370 appearing on an island recently are actually parts of the missing plane…

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